Knitting Round Up

Since we last met, I have managed to eek out a little knitting time.  (Actually, now that I look at it, it’s a pretty pathetic result for seven months of knitting time.)

I made some socks using some vintage Regia sock yarn (Rav link).

Regia “Nation Color” sock yarn #5398, my usual sock pattern

Then I made this cute hat for a friend, the Nola Cloche:

It’s a really lovely purply-blue!

(click through on these Rav links for more details and photos)

I had two pairs of socks to made for belated Christmas presents:

Socks for my dad:

ONline Linie 7 Supersocke 6fach/6ply Tweed, my usual men’s sock pattern for 6-ply

And these for my mom:

SweetGeorgia Yarns CashLuxe Fine sock yarn (very luxurious!)

And as I think I mentioned earlier, I had started the Eeek sweater for me.  It took me five months.  Part of the problem was having no time to knit, but also I had finished the body THEN tried it on.  Way too big.  I was knitting for the size I used to wear.  Ha.  Not a bad problem to have.

Loved how it finally turned out, though!

I still could have done some waist shaping or decreased once I had completed the bust area.  I cast on a pair of socks just to have some on hand, and then I saw this pattern on Pinterest, so dug in my yarn stash and cast on:  Maeve.  Really cute shrug/cardigan with interesting construction.

I will post again with more news about Crossfit, roller derby, the hounds.  Mid June marked my one year at Crossfit (and about six months of a Paleo eating plan).  Here’s a before (June 2013) and now:

I feel fantastic!

Oh my blog …

I cannot believe it has been this many long months since I made a blog post.  Eh. Life has been extremely hectic and stressful.  Probably that would be a good reason to take some time out to sit and reflect and write a post.

I will do, maybe on the weekend.  But in the mean time, here’s a cute greyhound pic:


Rufie and Ava had Rufie’s brother come to visit a few weeks ago.

A couple more hats

After a hint or two, I realized I could make a replica hat for the big fella for his birthday present.  I had made the original hat in 2008, I believe.  It was pretty worn looking.  So I made another!

Replacement Hat

Replacement Hat

This is the Chocolate’s Gone to Your Ribs hat pattern, with a few tweaks.  In my knitting binder, I still had the notes from when I made the first version.  I knit the “body” of the hat to 6″, not 8″ as the pattern directs.  I used some Bernat “natural blends” wool blend yarn that I had on hand.

another perfect fit!

I might make another one in different colours, it’s a quick knit and I really like it!

This is the other hat that I couldn’t post before.  I made it for our derby Christmas party gift exchange.  Unfortunately, I had to make do with the poor yarn selection at our local Michaels as I didn’t think ahead far enough to online order some nice wool.

NorSask Roller Derby hat

Rav link here.  Our team colours are purple and bright canary yellow, but I had to sub in the paler “butter” yellow.  If I made another one, I would get some lovely Cascade 220 superwash.  This is my basic “wide brim hat” pattern with our league name in the text banner.

The other day I started knitting a sweater for me, the pattern is “Eeek” and it’s a really interesting top down construction.  I ordered some gorgeous Sweet Georgia Yarns superwash DK (colourway “nightshade”).  I have worked almost to the point where the sleeve stitches are put on hold.  I think the body will be a quick knit past that point.

We have had a quiet Christmas week here.  This was yesterday’s excitement and today was much the same:

watching tv … with their eyes closed

I have a few other projects lined up after the sweater; just need to MAKE the time to knit!


hat frenzy

In the limited knitting time I’ve had of late, I’ve been pounding out the hats.  I had a request from my tattoo artist for a couple of hats like the one I’d made her back in October as a tip.  So I did these:

Regia Angora Merino sock yarn

(Rav link)

This was very nice yarn to work with, very soft, but not annoyingly sheddy or fiber-y.

Estelle Sock It To Me sock yarn, black (ugh)

(Rav link)

I neglected to take a photo of the first one I did, but it was this same design, but using some Sweet Georgia Yarns “tough love sock yarn” in a subtle variegated dark grey.

The Owl Hat! I used some Bernat “Natural Blends” Wool Blend in charcoal.

(Rav link)

And I have one last sock yarn hat, Sisu in a heathering grey.  I’ll post a pic when it’s done. (Note to self, better get on it; it has to be done by Wednesday a.m.)

And on a whim, I made this for my Crossfit gym:

Saskpro Crossfit

(Rav link)

I used my Wide Brim Watch Cap pattern and this can be worn as a slouch hat or a folded brim hat.  Turned out pretty good!

Then I needed a Secret Santa gift for our CF Christmas party, so I made this:

This is Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice; more of an Aran weight. I loved the colour, and the recipient did, too!

(Rav link)

There’s one more hat, but I can’t show it until next week.  I have some other projects I’d like to get started, but they will have to wait a little longer.  Maybe on Sunday I can get organized!



We had a visitor the other evening.  One of the big fella’s work colleagues has had a greyhound for a few years and they recently were transferred to our city.  So we finally got the hounds together.  They ran around in the yard, Ava tolerated Danny well enough, but Rufie and Danny were hilarious together.  I didn’t have any photos of them outside, though.

Danny on the left and Rufie on the right

Danny’s mom and dad had seen Rufus before and remarked on the similarity.  But seeing them together, it was quite striking how similar they were.

Are you my brother?

Later that evening I looked Danny up on the greyhound database.  Sure enough, they are half-brothers!  They share the same sire.  Danny is two years older than Rufie, but his parents said that he was just as goofie as Rufie when they first got him.  Funny boys!

Skirt, done.

As mentioned in my last post, the “simple straight skirt” I had knit last year was too big.  I started another one, two sizes smaller, using Cascade 220 Heathers in a purpley colourway.  It was a quick knit, even with my limited knitting time.

Simple Straight Skirt v.2

Simple Straight Skirt v.2

I didn’t change anything from the pattern, just a smaller size.  I love how it turned out and it fits perfectly!  I am itching to start another one!

I have a couple of hats to knit first, then I’ll start another skirt.  Or perhaps the same skirt but the ribbed version which also looks very cute.

The skirts!

The skirts!

As noted in my previous post, the photo on the left is when I originally made the skirt in December last year.  It fit me okay, maybe a little big.  The middle photo is the skirt when I tried it on a couple of weeks ago.  And the photo on the right is the new skirt and me!

I’m still here

but no time for blogging.  Work continues to keep me busy, as well as derby.  And since June I’ve been going to crossfit 3-4 times a week.

I’m still on a hat making binge.  I made a couple more slouchy sock yarn hats (one to tip my tattoo artist – she loved it).  And I discovered this yesterday.  My cute little skirt that I had knit last December, which was a little big on me:

way too big now!

I’m swimming in it.  I’ve lost some inches on my waist and hips and the skirt just falls off.  I need more holes in my belt, too.

So I’m going to cast on and make myself another skirt that will fit (so will go down two sizes from this one above).  I have some purple Cascade 220 that will work nicely for this.

Poopers are all good, the big fella has now burned off all his leave time and is officially retired!

from our recent vacation

Another Hat

I finished the other slouch hat I  had underway.  This is Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love sock yarn in colourway “crème brûlée”.


so cute!



I really like these hats.


you could also fold the ribbing, but I like it this way.

you could also fold the ribbing, but I like it this way.

Another busy week with work, derby, Crossfit.

but Ava is resting now after HER busy week of … snoozing.

I’m enjoying going to Crossfit so much.  I’ve learned I can do all sort of things that I couldn’t do before.  Headstands, handstands:

so why not do handstands AT roller derby?!

Ha!  I am trying to get things organized so I can actually try to take a couple of weeks off.  I am beyond burned out.  Can’t wait.

The other thing I have been knitting is the Pendulum shawlette but that’s been on the needles for a long time.  I’m using two lovely colourways from Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn.  The blue is “nightshade” and the variegated is “stillwater”.  I love this and can’t wait to complete it, just in time to wear on my holidays.

oops – forgot to add the photo:

West Coast Pendulum

I feel bad

that I don’t have time to blog lately.  Work continues to be pretty busy, then derby, and I’ve started going to Crossfit, so there’s another 4.5 hours a week.  Knitting has been pretty slow, too.

Here’s a photo of our derby team at the summer fair parade on Monday night:


NorSask Roller Derby “Diefen-Break-Hers” roll out for the parade. (Yes, I’m wearing a ref shirt, I’ve been branching out)

I’ve knit a couple of sock yarn hats, nothing much.  I have an abundance of sock yarn, so will probably knit sock yarn hats until I’m bored of them!


Sock yarn hat for Ande. Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn in “pomegranate”

- and -


Another one, Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn in “cold mountain”

And I have another underway in Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn, colourway “creme brulee”.  Such lovely yarn and gorgeous colourways!

hit and run posting …


We had our inaugural “home” bout on Saturday.  A few months of intense planning, stress, sleeplessness – but it was all worth it.  We had a rookie scrimmage take place first, then our bout was the “main event”.  We hosted the fabulous Saskatoon Roller Derby Killa’ Bees.  It’s fun to play people we ‘know’ and I feel we have a closer relationship with Saskatoon’s league because we go to their bouts, they are always so helpful with anything our league needs (knowledge, skills, refs, etc.)

In addition to a couple of tv story/interviews, we also made the cover of our local newspaper here.  And a follow up story after the bout was here.  The final “official” score was 337 to 281 for the Killa’ Bees.  That’s actually a fairly close game in derby.  We felt we gave our spectators a great game to watch and it was exciting to play.

There’s a set of photos on Shaun Savage Photography’s Facebook page here.  I’m not sure if everyone can see them, you might need a Facebook account.  Here are a couple, photo credit to Shaun Savage.

I assume no responsibility for Yellow 101 falling down. :-) (I’m #00)

It can get confusing:

What’s going on here?!

One more:

going backwards

Thanks to our great sponsors, we had new jerseys and nice shiny purple helmets.  I think we looked great.  It was very hectic, very draining, but I feel that it went off very well.  A small glitch here and there, but overall, I am so proud of our league for doing this.

Now to try and get caught up with other things that have been neglected while we were busy bout planning!