Green Striped Socks

I finished these last week, but have been having trouble getting photos to upload to Flickr.

socks for me!

I used two shades of Sweet Georgia Yarns “Tough Love Sock Yarn”.  I started with three-round stripes, then two, then singles, then back up to three. The Ravelry project page is here.

There is still a hat on the needles and I’ve started another pair of socks.

We’ve been working hard at the gym and have a couple more events planned before the end of summer.  A team “mini triathlon” and then Spartan on September long weekend.

Our friends have had an abundance of zucchini and I found a recipe to make muffins with them.

chocolate zucchini muffins

The recipe took a couple of tries and some tweaks, but they’re pretty darn good!  Changes I made – the first time I tried this recipe, it was very dry, not like a muffin batter at all. So this time:

I used three eggs
I used the full ¼ c of maple syrup
I added one banana, mashed up
I used natural peanut butter, and I let it come to room temperature to make it mix better.
I used Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips (1/4 cup) and I blended them in with the zucchini.  I also increased the amount of cocoa to 1/4 cup.

I’ve made it a couple more times since then.

New (to me) Wheels

So I got talked into doing a mini triathlon next weekend. I said I would do the bike segment if I could borrow a road bike from someone.

At the gym Thursday night one of the women in class offered me hers. So I checked it out and it was the right size for me.  I brought it home then was thinking it would be great to have a road bike again.  As she is relocating overseas, she was amenable to selling!


I took it out for a test ride this morning to check seat height, shoe cleat positioning, etc.  and it was very comfortable.

Local architecture

With it being very hot of late, we have gone for a few drives around town in the comfort of my car’s air conditioning.  We had driven onto the Exhibition Grounds a while back and I noticed the old gateway sign and wanted to come back another time and have a walk around.

I’d have to look around at our local museum, but I believe our summer exhibition/fair has been around for a long, long time.  I did find this interest story from a few years ago.

West gate entrance – there are sockets for light bulbs in the iron work above the words!


the front of a steam machine


the Heavy Horse barn


Prince Albert Armoury building

the fountain on the grounds of PACI

There’s a few of my favourite shots.  I was playing around with some different camera modes and settings.  There are more photos in the album on flickr.



Old dogs, young pups, running

Outside of the numerous times a week I go to our Crossfit gym, I want to do some work on my “running”.  It’s really hard for me because I don’t enjoy it, probably because I’m not very proficient at it.  We’ve been out a few times, and I went once on my own and did a 5K.

It’s more “fun” and less miserable to go with friends.  Our friends’ Great Pyrenees loves to go for a “jog”, whereas our poopers are content to lounge inside with the air conditioning at a comfortable temperature.

a couple of weeks ago on a muggy afternoon

I was smiling because we were almost back to the parking area.  Ha ha.

Our poopers are doing fine; Ava is 12.5 and quite happy to just stay home.  She doesn’t like the heat and she doesn’t like noise and rambunctiousness.  We do get her out for a little stroll now and then.

little ol’ lady Ava

I found a harness we had for Sabrina and tried it with Ava. I feel like it made her feel more stable and less tiring.

the family

We’ve been out for a few bike rides in the evenings as well.  We’ve been having a great, active summer.

A couple of hats

When it’s hot (as it is on the prairie in July and August) I sure don’t feel like having a lap full of wool, so I have been staying away from starting any sweaters or shawls.  I made a couple more hats to go in my donation bin.

a woman’s medium, simple toque


slightly larger, men’s or women’s

Both made with leftover Vanna’s Choice yarn.  I have a lot of smaller amounts of different colours, so my goal is to keep making simple, warm hats until it’s all used up.

Did I show this hat before:

bulky “Woolspun” yarn using a broken rib texture

I had a few balls of a bulky weight yarn that I wanted to use up, and while these are very quick knits, the thick yarn annoys my hands, so this will be the last one I’ll make.  I am giving the remainder of my bulky yarn to a fellow knitter.

So the plan is to stick to smaller projects.  I couldn’t go very long without having some socks on the needles, so I have a pair underway along with a smaller hat made with Vanna’s Choice.


Gem Lakes Hike

On Saturday we drove a bit north east of here and explored the Gem Lakes in Narrow Hills Provincial Park.  It’s fairly accessible – although we went in a truck, a car could easily make the drive.  The weather was perfect – not too hot, and a breeze to keep the bugs at bay.  The lakes are very small – but very deep!  The scenery was amazing.  There’s info and a trail map on the Sask Tourism site.

I have an album of photos on flickr here.

blueberries starting to ripen

We took our time and stopped often to look at plants, flowers, trees, etc. as well as the beautiful lakes.

prairie lily


the trail was well marked and had info plaques all along


rickety boat left on the shore. The lakes are stocked for fishing.


Pearl Lake!

The lakes are Jade, Opal, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl (and Little Pearl) then back to Little Jade/Jade.


checking our map

checking our map


Opal Lake – such clear water!


and great for a swim! It dropped off very steeply

We started the hike on the north-east shore of Jade Lake.  Next time, we’ll go the other way (south-west).  After fairly strenuous hiking of the trails, the last km or so is very much up/down hill on that south/west shoreline.  We plan to come back in the fall when the trees begin to change colours.  A great day!

Squat Test!

We had a fantastic trip to the Gem Lakes in Narrow Hills Provincial Park.  I’ll make a post about that this week.  Such a scenic part of our province!

contemplating one of many scenic views!

contemplating one of many scenic views!

I also finished another bulky weight hat.  Man, that yarn kills my hands.  Looking forward to working more on worsted weight and sock weight items now.

Chunky Mittens

I had chunky/bulky weight yarn left over from a hat I’d made during the winter, so I wanted to make mittens to match.  I didn’t have a “go to” pattern because I always make mittens using worsted weight.  I looked around online and found some patterns but they all seemed to be oddly written.  So I just went ahead and created my own.

Lion’s Pride Woolspun yarn

They were a quick knit, but I prefer worsted.

matchy matchy!

Into the donation box!

Hats & Mittens

After my two pairs of socks, I wanted to work on some hats and mittens for charity before deciding on my next sock project.  I have a fair amount of easy-care worsted weight yarn left over from other projects that I want to use up.

I had the crochet hat pending for a long time while I worked on other projects, so once I finished it, I was looking forward to making some mittens to match.

“seafoam green”

Ravelry project page here and here.

aqua blue

These other ones I made a slightly smaller size (10-12 year old?).  I downsized the hat and mittens patterns by winging it, but they turned out okay.  Ravelry project page is here and here.

I have a hat made in bulky weight that I’d like to make mittens to match, so likely will cast on that next.

The gym was closed on Canada Day, but we went out for a slow jog for an “active recovery” day.

missing from the pic is Jye and Crystal

I’m still working on getting my calves so they don’t kill me when I run.  It’s a slow process.

And we went for a drive yesterday up to Candle Lake to pick up something that was forgotten by our friend’s mom.  Beautiful day – sunny, but not too hot.  I hadn’t been to Candle Lake in decades.

Fisher Creek that feeds into Candle Lake

Active Recovery Wednesday

We went out for a meandering bike ride on Wednesday night instead of going to the gym.  My new bike is all fixed from my tumble into the bushes and is riding perfectly now.

Bill on his Pee Wee Herman bike

We followed the Rotary Trail east along the river and then went off on a trail that leads along a drainage ravine down to the river bank.  We’d often see people with their dogs walking down that way, so decided to go see where it went.

didn’t fall down this time

Then we took another path along the bank and came out at a riffle/weir.  Very pretty!  The water level is quite low right now so we were able to walk out quite a ways.


Saw a float plane take off and land a few times!

float plane

It’s the Giant Bike Gang!

A lovely evening.

looking east from the kayak club dock in the west end

I’ve been playing around with the settings on my new camera and the fisheye:

not Ava’s best look!