Sunday Funday

Instead of doing our usual dog walk at the local park, our crew did a little road trip to explore an abandoned dam site near here.  La Colle Falls << info link

We took two trucks out – we had conflicting information about the state of the “road” going in, and were prepared to walk in, if need be.


“what could possibly go wrong?!”

We had to stop in a couple of spots to roll logs into ruts so the trucks didn’t bottom out, but we made it in.


off roading

It’s an interesting story – the most interesting was the fact that at the dam’s location, there never was/would be enough of a current to generate the amount needed to produce energy.


the entire site is heavily graffitied


I’m on your damn dam!

We explored every bit of the dam site.  It took some doing to get up inside, but we did.


success! And I only got a scraped calf.

We walked along the river bank towards the forks.  We saw a lot of deer and moose poop and tracks.  We skipped some stones in the river.

my stone is bigger than yours

We had lunch at the nearby Saskatchewan Forks picnic site:


we worked up an appetite for good eats!

Here’s the entire album on flickr.

In other news, it was Rufie’s 7th birthday yesterday.  He was happy to stay home and relax in the air conditioning.  The type of terrain we walked/climbed on all day was not greyhound friendly.


“I’m fine …”

And done!

According to my Ravelry project page, I started these on March 29th.  They took a while, but it was worth it!

Pet Octopus Socks!

I started with a 72 stitch cast on because of my calves.  Then I decreased to 64 stitches for the rest of the foot.  It’s still a little tight where the mermaids’ arms are – I should have started the decreases further down the leg, but the charted pattern didn’t really allow for that accommodation.

Still, they turned out great and I will be happy to wear them!

My sock drawer:

just my socks …

There’s 46 pairs there.

I made this:

Cable Tea Cosy

The Ravelry project page is here.  This was knit in two pieces, but I can see it would be easy to adapt to being seamless.

I’m looking for another stranded sock pattern right now; I really liked the challenge of the octopus socks!

These socks are taking a while

It certainly is not a quick project.  I’m being so careful so I don’t make mistakes with the chart.

Sock 1

Sock 1 – gusset decreases completed

I am doing them in tandem – work on Sock 1, then work on Sock 2 to the same point.  Years ago I made a pair of stranded mittens.  I did the one mitten, then after it was completed, did the second.  The difference in gauge was problematic, so I wanted to try to avoid it in this project.

The chart and stranded knitting makes me slow down.  I think these will be really cute when done and I hope I can block the upper ankle to fit my leg.  I’m sure I’ll be able to.  I’ve been looking already at other stranded sock patterns to try.

We’ve been busy with Crossfit.  Our gym hosted a provincial olympic lifting event on Saturday and I spent four hours being a “loader” – the people who change the weights and load the bars for the athletes.  It was a workout in itself!

hard work!

hard work!

The first picture was about 20 minutes into it.  The second photo was nearing the end of our four hour shift.

Last Sunday and this past Sunday, our Happy Hour gym Crew have been taking our dogs out for a nice long walk.  Active Recovery Day!

part of the crew

part of the crew

It’s nice right now because there are no bugs.  Yet.

sunday walk 1


It was quite cool this past Sunday but last week was quite warm and I needed sunscreen.

What is that strange light in the sky?!

We managed to dust off our skates and head out for an hour or so this afternoon:


first skate of the year

first skate of the year

This is one of the Happy Hour Crew from my gym.  She did great – hadn’t skated on quads before.  We need to work on stopping, though!

It was a lovely afternoon here, about 22°C and very low humidity.  While I miss derby, I am glad I can get out and put some miles on my skates.


I’ve tried a few new recipes lately and they were quite good!

This Chicken and Veg bake was delicious.  I made a few changes – I used half mayo/half Greek yogurt, I dislike ranch, so I used Old Bay seasoning (2 tsp).  I added some julienne carrots.

so tasty!

so tasty!

A couple of weeks ago, I made this slow cooker beef stroganoff.  It was pretty tasty.  I didn’t take a photo, though.  The mushrooms were quite nice in it.

And I made these pork chops – very nice as well!  The mustard sauce is a nice touch.

Then I saw a recipe for making spaghetti squash and meat sauce in the crock pot, so I tried that.

easy peasy!

easy peasy!

I browned a pound (or so) of lean ground beef. Then I mixed it with two cans of crushed tomatoes, a pound of diced mushrooms, one diced onion, three cloves of garlic, minced; two cups of shredded carrots, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Mix all together.

Then I cut two small spaghetti squash in half, scooped out the pulp/seeds and put face down in the slow cooker. Then I spooned the meat sauce into the crock pot, surrounding the squash halves.

Cooked on “high” for almost four hours. The squash was tender/done, and I removed it to a cooking tray to cool about 15 minutes. Then I shredded it all and served with the sauce.



Gym time

We worked on box jumps the other night at gymnastic skills class.  I have a phobia of banging/scraping my shin on the wooden boxes (having done so  couple of times in the past), so I usually just step up whenever box jumps are in the metcon.  Our boxes are 20″, 24″ and 30″.

Instead of working with the box, I used bumper plates.  I kept adding height.  I got to this:



which was 26.5 inches.  I put a 10 lb plate on top of that and either I was fatigued, or I couldn’t jump that extra inch higher.  Next time.

We went to Saskatoon to watch the SRDL season opener.  It was quite odd to be sitting in the stands and spectating.  I haven’t watched a game in non-ref mode for a couple of years.  They were quite good games and we had a good time, even though Denny’s was closed when we went to eat after.

derby fun times!

derby fun times!

Ha ha – I saw this photo from the last week of the Crossfit Open:

Happy Hour Crew huddle

Happy Hour Crew huddle

Offering strategic advice.

Octopus Socks

I’ve been really busy at the gym the past month or so.  I’m glad when our strength cycle will be complete; that’s two extra classes a week.

After I finished the sparkle socks, I started a crochet hat until I decided what my next project would be.  I came across a pattern for stranded two colour socks, and I dug through my yarn stash and had two great colours that would look good for the pattern, so I cast on.

"Pet Octopus" socks

“Pet Octopus” socks

The pattern came with two sizes, a 72 stitch cast on and a 64 stitch cast on.  Due to the length of the leg, I started with the 72 stitches to accommodate my calf.  Then after the waves, I decreased down to 64 stitches.  It’s a little snug mid leg, but it fits perfectly around my ankle.

My stranding made the gauge a little tighter, so I’m consciously leaving loose floats and I think I can steam block the tight part so it fits better.

I have the second sock midway to the heel flap point.  Yarn and pattern details are on the Ravelry project page here.

I’m taking my time and not rushing.  Working from a chart, I pause every few stitches to count and make sure I’m not messing it up.


Sparkle Socks

The secret socks I was working on have been delivered to their recipient.  They turned out pretty nice!


Sweet Georgia Yarns “Glitterati” Sock Yarn in wisteria and sapphire

Ravelry project page is here.  I probably wouldn’t have had enough of the purple yarn to do the sock completely (men’s shoe size 12) so I also had the lovely “sapphire” sparkle yarn.


sparkly toe!

It was hard to capture the colours correctly with my camera. The blue is darker than it appears and the purple also is a deeper hue.

I do have enough of the sapphire to make myself a pair of socks, I think.

Last Friday (March 25th) was the last week of the Crossfit Open.  As my arm was still healing and I was having a hard time getting the swelling to subside, I opted out of doing 16.5.  It was a real stinker of a workout, so I’m not too broken up about missing it.  Next year I’ll do all five!

I did help out judging again:


being judgemental

We had a gym event on Good Friday and had a potluck as well as the workout.  Such a great community of friends.


Five of the six of the Happy Hour Crew

And it wouldn’t be a blog entry without the poopers:


It was warm enough a few days ago to have some windows open and get the breeze blowing through the living room.

Crossfit Open 16.4

So I had to modify my 16.4 workout – I had planned months ago for a tattoo appointment on Thursday, and we had our allotted time for doing the 16.4 workout on Friday evening.  I wasn’t going to miss and have a “no score” for the week.  The workouts are only announced the night before, so I wasn’t sure I could even do any of it.  Luckily it started with 55 deadlifts, so I decided to do them Rx weight and just stop after that and not do the entire workout.

deadlifts 164b

I do enjoy a heavy deadlift

deadlifts 164

Rx weight for women was 155 pounds x 55 reps

It was plenty challenging!

after 16point4

glad that’s done!

Our traditional “after” pic:


“I AM smiling” ha ha ha!

Here’s a nicer one:


I have the best gym friends at our Happy Hour! So supportive!

We went back Saturday a.m. for a merchandising event and to cheer our fellow competitors on. I got to judge one heat!


“Im judging you!” Love my new blue bunny hug!

And here’s my new tattoo:

maple leaf tattoo

beautifully worked by Mister Steven James, Ink Addiction, Saskatoon


March Hare

or March hair!


is it curly? is it straight? No one knows!

Trying to decide what to do about my hair.  The top has finally reached the length that I need to “do” something to it.  If I’m just going to the gym, I don’t much care what it looks like, but when I’m out in public, I’d like it to be less “homeless person” and more styled.  But I don’t want to spend any time on it.  I really like it when it’s very short but feel like I’ve put this effort into getting the top long, I should do something with it.

poopers march 2016

The poopers have no opinion, one way or the other.

I have a hair appointment on Thursday, so I’d better decide.