Sewwww, it’s been a while since I sewed anything

I don’t have cable TV, so I watch a lot of YouTube. I am always interested in the random suggestions they have for me. This video for sewing a bucket hat was one of them.

Actually, I need to back up. I watch videos by a young Hutterite woman in Manitoba. Fascinating glimpses into their way of life. Because of that, YouTube recommended a video made by a young Mennonite woman on how to sew a couple of simple dress designs. So that is how I got into the sewing algorithm on YouTube.

Reversible bucket hat!

I watched a few videos on bucket hats and set aside all Sunday afternoon to work on it. In the past, my sewing endeavors have most often ended in tears because I rush, have no patience and then things go badly.

I was very pleased with the result! And I will be making a few more of these.

Simple elastic waist skirt

A couple of weeks ago I watched a tutorial on making a basic skirt. I did that, but found it was too full for my taste. The method recommended 2x waist measurement. So yesterday I redid the skirt, and dropped it down to 1.5x. I’m much happier with this.

Starting to fill my mind with other potential sewing projects!

Finally the weekend

And hopefully I can get caught up with things around the house. After a couple days of rain, the sun is out and just fluffy white clouds scatter the sky.

Those eyes 👀

I’m trying some low fodmap biscuits for mom. The dough was very sticky. They smell good in the oven, though!

I also hope to cut out pieces for a bucket hat sewing project and maybe do the actual sewing tomorrow afternoon. Today I must get the lawns mowed and that will take a couple of hours.

Had some rain, now it’s sunny and cooler

My favourite types of weather, rainy days, and cool summer days. I’m not a fan of the heat at all. Or humidity. My ideal summer temp isn’t higher than 18°C. Ha.

So we muddled through the long weekend. I have been on the phone more these past 6 days than probably in all the previous year combined. While technology is great, texting is convenient, and email is useful to summarize and reiterate one’s points, sometimes a phone call is (to me) a necessary evil. People can’t blow you off as easily when you’re on the other end of the phone.

I haven’t even really had a chance to take any cute pics of the poopers, so I dug into the Cranky archives and found this one, taken September 2010 with Apollo and Sabrina, on a rocky beach behind the post office/hospital area in Tofino, BC. Back when we were free to take our annual vacation out there.

Apollo and
Sabrina, best long snooters

I did a little Lightroom to enhance that photo; 12 years ago my digital camera would have been the equivalent of a potato ha ha ha!

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on sewing simple projects. I made myself an elastic waist skirt and it turned out really nice, but I feel it’s just a little too full and needs less poofiness. I will revisit and rejig once things settle down, lifewise. I have fabric and a pattern for a reversible bucket hat, so I think I will give a few of those a try. Of course, it always looks easy on YouTube. 😉

It’s been a hell of a week

Hopefully things will settle a bit and Sunday will be less hectic. It’s always something going on.

I got a few groceries the other day and wanted to get king oyster mushrooms to make this veggie “chicken” Caesar salad. Didn’t have time to try it until tonight.


I saw the recipe on a YouTube video about ways to use nutritional yeast. The recipe is here.

I didn’t have the energy to make a separate trip to the other grocery store that had the king oyster mushrooms, so I went with the more common, less royal (ha ha) plain oyster mushrooms that Superstore had available.

I will definitely make this again. So good!

Dumbing down my smart phone

Last week I decided to remove the social media apps from my phone. I actually haven’t missed them at all. I can still have a quick peep on my computer, if I want. But I haven’t felt much urge to do so.

I watched a video on moving from an always-connected, always-on smart phone (in her case the latest iPhone) to a completely dumb phone. No internet, no social media, 2MP crap camera. Just phone calls and texting capability, with rustic photo sending capability. Of course with YouTube, once you watch a video on a particular subject, they keep recommending more and more of the same.

It was an interesting and enlightening worm hole to delve into. Back in the day, (circa 2003) I had the “latest” technology, the now legendary Nokia 3310. Like this:

except mine was an olive green

We were pretty impressed with it, ha ha. It was seemingly indestructible, the battery life would last for days before needing a charge. The glass screen wouldn’t shatter with the slightest nudge (I’m looking at you Samsung).

I also saw some videos on “feature phones” that are not quite a smart phone, but not a dumb one, either. Limited internet function, full texting/photo messaging, etc.

All week long I thought about what I use and indeed “need” my phone to have. I can’t go “full dumb” phone because I need internet to access my security system cameras, maps (my van doesn’t have onboard nav, I use it through my phone and Android Auto – although quite often it’s crap and my Backroads Mapbook is more accurate). I deleted the email app off my phone because Outlook didn’t work well with this version of Android, for some reason. I have a few apps I use for my photography so I want to keep those. Most of the other things I could access on my computer. I’ve never had or played games on my phone.

So instead of a drastic switch to a non-feature phone, I have gone forward with removing all the unnecessary time wasters on my phone and kept only the functional and necessary apps. And TikTok, but I never look at it, it’s just to watch dog videos with Bill when we can’t go out for a walk when I visit. Tweaking to get the best of both words, not an overwhelming bombardment of notifications and fidget soothers, but enough connectivity to better my life and to enable me to continue to pursue my hobbies.

Interestingly, Nokia has revived, updated and released similar phones in the 2020s. Watch any video on a digital detox and you’ll see them mentioned again and again. And some brands of current “feature phones” have speech-to-text capability so you don’t have to endure the agony that is texting on a T9 phone. 🙂

Daily Challenges

One of the medical issues that Bill has is when his blood pressure gets a little low, caused by either his heart condition, or the medication used to treat it, he sometimes gets light headed. Thursday evening he lost his balance and took a little tumble. He scraped his cheekbone and has a small cut above his eyebrow. The nurse and care aides take such good care of him. They called me right away and were able to treat the cut with medical tape vs stitches.

He has a bruise on his cheek today. This morning during our visit I told him to hide the bandage while I took our selfie de jour.

All good! 👍🏻

It seems like it’s been a hectic number of weeks. When I got home today, I sat and read my book for a few hours, then watched sewing videos on YouTube.

Constant Bombardment

I’ve noticed lately how often my phone would ding, or bing, or buzz with various notifications. I always thought I -didn’t- look at my phone that often during down time, i.e. watching tv or sitting, visiting, etc. I watched a really interesting vlog on YouTube the other night where this woman went from an iPhone whatever, to a dumb phone. A phone-call and text-capable only phone, no internet access. She spoke about how we (society, generally) have become so connected to online distractions, that we have become disconnected from face-to-face, personal interactions, disconnected from creative pursuits taking up our time.

I know for me, I definitely do not read as much as I used to. That really got me thinking. For the next few days, I was amazed at how many times I realized I unconsciously picked up my phone to scroll through Facebook or Instagram or Reddit for a few minutes here and there. It really surprised me, because as I mentioned above, I didn’t have the perception that I did that all that often. Most smart phones have a section in the settings menu where you can call up how much screen time you have used, and also which apps and how long your usage was. Very interesting. Just think how that time could have been more creatively spent, even by reading a good book.

She also addressed how we all have become to expect constant, instant and 24/7 accessibility to one another. We send a text or an instant message and want a response right away. She said she wanted to remove that stressor and anxiety from her life. She spends all her work day in front of a computer, staring at a screen. On her down time, she really wanted screen-free down time.

I will always have my phone on to be 24/7 available to my family (we are all getting older) and the care facility that my husband resides in. But other than that, do I really need to have ALL the social media accessible ALL the time? I think not.

So I deleted Facebook, Instagram and Reddit off my phone. I can still go on my computer and have a quick browse through them, but I want to reduce that also. I’m interested to see how my habits evolve (or perhaps devolve) to having that temptation and distraction removed.

Fifteen or more years ago, the ubiquitous Nokia cell phones were all the rage. We were amazed that we could take a phone with us everywhere. We could be accessibly ALL the time. Texting was available, but was laborious and rudimentary (T9 anyone?). Actually, thinking back, I think it was 1998 when we got our first cell phone, a Motorola. It wasn’t a StarTac, it was the bigger, clunkier flip phone, the MicroTac? Anyway we had that for a couple of years then I got an indestructible Nokia brick. Ah, technology. Sometimes simplest is best.