suckey dog

The big fella is away for a few days; he left yesterday. When the princess figured out he wasn’t just taking the garbage out, she’s been in full-on drama queen mode, much whining and groaning.

We are very much a pack and she doesn’t like it when the pack is splintered. She’s got her Mr. Pig to snuggle up with in the meantime.

Apollo is more laid back; he views every day with us as a gift, not an entitlement (ahem, Sabrina!)

Apollo in the morning sun after our walk. They come back tired, have a little drink and nibble, then nap for, ohh, about four hours!

I’ve been doing some knitting; I had hoped to have those Regia silk socks finished yesterday, but time got away from me. I’m interested to see how they wear (in the durability sense) with the silk content in them. The past few pairs of socks for the big fella I’ve been using reinforcement on the heels/toes even though the sock yarn has a 25% nylon content. In his uniform boots they just wear through so quickly. I didn’t use any on these.

Did you say “cookie”? No? Hmm, what about “walk”?!


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