socks shouldn’t take so long

“Haven’t you finished those socks yet?! Get to work.”

If I have nothing else on the needles distracting me, I can pound out a men’s pair of socks in less than a week. However, I’ve been suffering from severe “startitis” this past year, so my sock stats are down.

Hmm, you can really see the “Tubby McPoundage” reference in this shot. Aw, but look at his speckly pink belly!

Even though these were the same dye lot, the one sock is much more muted in dye saturation than the other. I wonder why that happens? I’ve had that happen often with Fortissima/Socka sock yarn, but never with any Regia yarns.

She stayed like that for at least 20 minutes, so it must be more comfortable than it looks.

The weather is rather crappy today; it started to rain during our a.m. walk. It’s been off and on showers since then. We’re having girls’ night tonight and want to get out for a bike ride, but that will depend on the weather at the end of the day. In the interest of continuing to clean out the pantry, freezer and cupboards, I made some lemon meringue tarts for tonight:

I made two dozen, but I had to eat two of them because there wasn’t room in the Tupperware container …


The big fella will come home later this evening. Sabrina has periodically reminded me of her pathetic plight:

“No, I don’t want that Mr. Pig toy any more. No, I don’t want to lay on the nice, soft cushy beds. I will lay on the rough, manky carpet. (er, except my chin, which I will nuzzle into the soft fleece blankie …)”

Neighbourhood watch, greyhound style. (p.s. one of our nicknames for Sabrina is Gladys, as in Gladys Kravitz. You can imagine why.)


2 thoughts on “socks shouldn’t take so long”

  1. If I ask really nice could I have a lemon merengue tart? It’s my favorite. I can put away a whole pie in an evening if I let myself…

  2. I thought I was the only one in the world who remembered Gladys Kravitz. Does this mean that Apollo reads the paper, oblivious to everything and answers to “Abner”?

    I hope your move went smoothly.

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