because I don’t have ENOUGH knitting project ideas rattling around in my grey matter

I picked up the latest Sears catalogue when I was in town the other day. I have been flipping through it at random and have noted to myself that they had a lot of knitwear in there – even stuff I’d like to wear!

This would be so totally easy to make … some sort of a knit poncho. I like it! And not just because I bought that same hat in West Van last trip … You can click on the photo there to get a bigger version to see the detail.

Also there was this short sleeve shrug which I find appealing, as well as the mock-neck sweater in the photo next to it.

And there was this really nice hooded cardigan – and I don’t think I’m being swayed by the delicious orange or java colours … If you look on page 60 of the Fall catalogue, you’ll also see on the corner of that page a dark brown, longer sweater coat. It was hard to tell at first if the orange cardigan was the same thing. Then I saw the orange one was much shorter = me likey.

In other news, girls’ night last night was fantastic. We had some awesome nachos, fruit platter, sun chips, and of course the lemon tarts. Yum. We watched Becoming Jane which was pretty good. It seemed to drag a bit, but not a bad movie. Oh, while I think of it, why does CBC fuck us over by having some good tv series (like DaVinci’s Inquest which morphed into DaVinci’s City Hall, and then Intelligence) which they then cancel after we’ve all been hooked and are enjoying it, then to buy the dvds, they want a fortune? And do not get me started on CTV’s Cold Squad (hello, Cold Case – thanks for ripping us off!) Everyone bitches about our shitty Canadian tv, but when they have some great series, they cancel them. Grrrr!

Okay, that ends today’s rant. BTW, that power outage the other day lasted NINE HOURS …


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