it was so hot this weekend

that my greyhound melted …

We tried to stay out of the heat as much as we could and kept the hovel closed up from the hot sun …

but it was of no use. Sabrina was melting, m-e-l-t-i-n-g …

So we fired up our portable air conditioner. It’s a bit of a cluckerf*ck to get it set up and going and I was hoping that we could avoid that, this close to our move. But the big fella and the hounds agreed, we must have a/c.

It only took a couple of hours and the upstairs was blissfully cool:

So cool, in fact, that Apollo needed to snuggle into his favourite plush blankie.

Today is quite a bit cooler, so the a/c is off, the windows are open and there’s a brisk breeze blowing through.

The dogs know that when we move the beds out of the way and put the sheets down, it’s chew bone time! Gotta clean those teeth.

Greyhound-to-couch ratio: 2/3 : 1/3

It’s funny because Sabrina is as tall as Apollo, but just two inches shorter in the torso length. But Tubby McPoundage outweighs her by 17 pounds, so I guess he needs that extra 1/3 of the couch for his immense bulk. Bwah!

Even though it was warm and I wasn’t thrilled to have a heavy, bulky weight sweater in my lap, I finished the knitting on Emerald. I don’t know if I’ll have time to do the blocking and finishing today because we have an appointment in town at the lawyer’s to sign the mortgage, etc. While I was working on it, the big fella had a bit of a family situation that involved lots of engrossing phone calls and while listening to his end of the conversations, I accidentally worked two rounds past a cable crossing on the raglan decreases. Aw, shit. So I ripped back the cable panels, did the crossing, then worked back up to where I should have been:

This is two rounds past where I should have cabled.

I worked the round to that portion and unraveled the six cable stitches for two rows. The unraveled stitches leave two long loops that I used to cross the cable and reknit the stitches.

After I had cabled, now I’m purling back those six stitches. Luckily, I only had two rows to unravel, but I’ve done this “fix” on projects before when I realized several INCHES later that I missed a cable or else I had crossed it the wrong way. You do have to fiddle with the stitches on either side of the cable panel to readjust the tension, but it’s easy.

There! All fixed! I had to do this at four points around the sweater.

And because I’m having the Year of Startitis, I decided to cast on for some socks:

That is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, colour #504 “Lakeview”. Gorgeous! I wonder if I’ll have different pooling/swirling lengths as I did with the Daffodil socks. It’s too soon to tell.

“I know I’m gorgeous. Call my agent.”

And now, I must have more coffee.


4 thoughts on “it was so hot this weekend”

  1. Terri, I’ve noticed that you always knit two socks at a time using dpns. Have you ever considered doing two at a time using magic loop or two circs?

  2. Tubby McPoundage you got some competition. I just spent some time with Cole and he is deeeeeevine!
    Please don’t melt. Then I won’t have any pooper to hug when I venture out to Sask!

  3. Hi Terri–I learned to knit socks in Nov 06 thx to your socks 101 tutorial and I have never bothered to visit and say thank you. Thanks to you I knit socks very well now and I love knitting them. I have referred socks 101 to many many people. Happy knitting. Thank you so much–I know a lot of time and work went into that tutorial.

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