Emerald, she is finished!

I was able to do the “finishing” on Emerald last night. I think I will love this sweater – just putting it on to check button placement was like getting a big, soft merino hug!

So the details: I used Amy Swenson’s Emerald pattern and Mondial Kross yarn, which is a lovely superwash merino. I used colour #267 “hombre”. I had a few balls of yarn that had knots in them, but just a few. The yarn is very soft and cushy and knits up quite lovely. The only problem I had was that it was quite splitty and I had to watch to make sure I wasn’t splitting it when I was knitting.

I did a few mods to the pattern: I decided to eliminate the “YO” portion of the raglan/cable decreases, so just did a SSK and K2tog instead of the “yo, k3tog tbl…” etc. I would probably use Amy’s version on a sweater with a finer gauge yarn but I thought with the bulky weight, it would be too holey.

Instead of one 60 mm button, I used two 34 mm buttons and guessed at placement and size of the button holes. I cast off three stitches for the button holes, but after I was finished the, uh, finishing, I went back and reinforced the button hole with a round of single crochet. It now closes securely.

I also went and added one row of single crochet to the bottom of the button bands. It didn’t quite meet up with the bottom edge of the body ribbing (I had to pick up the button band stitches that way because of the “divisible by 4, plus 2” thing. The s.c. edge helped with that and also helped it lay flat. I did some judicious steam blocking to get everything to lay “right”.

And it wouldn’t be an “FO” without the Reitman’s music …


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