it’s raining! A great start to the long, long weekend.

You all know how I hate the heat. So I was sooo happy when I awoke this morning to the sound of a steady rain falling. It’s supposed to rain all day. That should settle things down for the long weekend. Except in checking the weather forecast, I see it’s supposed to be disgustingly hot for the next seven days or so. Blech.

We’re waiting to hear from our realtor and lawyer to see if we can get possession of our house today. It’s supposed to be Monday, the 30th, but our lawyer and the vendors’ lawyer are closed Monday, stretching the July 1 holiday into a loooong weekend. The money has changed hands, or will do so during the business day today. So we’ll see.

I’ll be back later with a couple of pics and an update.

Update: we will not get an early possession of the house.  It will go ahead at noon on Monday as originally planned.  It continued to rain most of the day, so was a good day to stay in and knit.  I’m working on the first sleeve of the Cozy V-Neck now and will have it done this weekend.


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