in limbo

I have tons of things to do for the move (and the lists to prove it!) but cannot until after the weekend. So … I guess all I can do is sit and knit!

After yesterday’s much welcome rain and cooler temps (hordes of angry mosquitoes aside), today is sunny and hot and the forecast claims it will remain this way through to next weekend. Ger-reat! (not). At least we don’t have to worry about it raining during our move.

We have the portable a/c unit upstairs in Apollo’s room. It keeps the upstairs quite cool, good for sleeping. The main floor isn’t quite as comfortable, but is better than having no a/c at all.

“Whaaaat? You’re not looking at my boy bits, are you?!”

The dogs have been content to just hang out and snooze the days away. We get out for a nice long walk in the morning and evenings (we’re ignoring the mosquitoes, hoping they will get the hint). These dogs are not stupid – they know where the a/c is!

I hope to have finished the Cozy V-Neck by the end of the weekend. I am working on the first sleeve and it’s now 2×2 ribbing down to the wrist, then the same on the second, and then the ribbed neck band. I tried the sweater on once I had cast off the body and even with no sleeves, it was FAB!

Brindle bums!

Who nose?

I’m too sexay …

I should mention that our home phone is disconnected as of Monday; so that means I will have NO INTERNET access until Sask Tel comes to our new home and installs everything on Friday afternoon.

And now I should go feed these starving hounds …


2 thoughts on “in limbo”

  1. Hi Teri,

    I just saw your pattern for the greyhound coats on Ravelry, then your blog. That’s a great pattern. I’m going to try it out when the weather cools off.

    Your hounds are gorgeous!!! Where did you adopt them from? I live in Kansas, and have worked with an adoption group for a number of years, and have had numerous greys. I am currently owned by three (Mr. Baby, GiGi and Heaven).

    Do you know about It’s an awesome site for greyhound lovers.

    Thanks for the pattern!

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