this break in the unpacking is brought to you by …

YouTube! Ah, all the great vids I’ve been missing, not having high speed. Well, now I’m pumped up with “high speed plus“, so watch out!

Gah! I can certainly see Sabrina pulling that same stunt! Luckily, the only window facing the road (and garage, and point of departure for us) is a nice bay window with a window seat, so the few times we’ve left the house without them since the move, we see two little Greyhound faces supervising!

The big fella was thinking we should get a pool for the poopers. They love their back yard – big grassy area to run, and the previous owners had kids, so a big, raised sand box. They’ve been out there digging to China and having the occasional spazz in circles on the sand.

I can’t wait to finish getting us settled so I can take some pics and vids to share!


2 thoughts on “this break in the unpacking is brought to you by …”

  1. I saw that video the other day, and then started thinking that maybe we need to not put off the dishes! But Priest has just figured out how to get up on the bed, the counters are higher and open to the dining room, and his power to weight ratio is still something he’s experimenting with… 🙂 Better to not give him ideas, I think.

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