I’ve been working non-stop for a week …

but the main level of the house is unpacked and organized. I finished up my office last night/this morning and am taking a little break.

I really like my kitchen:

We indulged ourselves with some new LG stainless appliances and they’re very, very nice.

The main floor living room has become our gathering space; mostly because the lower level family room is still full of boxes and furniture that needs to be organized.

The pups are getting better navigating themselves on the laminate flooring. Coming from a place that was mostly (manky old) carpet, they were unaccustomed to the slick floors. Apollo actually fell over one night while having his supper (like a tipped cow) and the entrance stairs were s-c-a-r-y for the first few days.

I love that orange wall!

The house is a bi-level, so at the front entrance you go up a half flight to the main living area, or down a half-flight to the basement. Sabrina/Gladys loves the open plan and being able to see out the windows and hover above the entrance way to check out who’s at the door. Which leads me to this:

Sabrina discovered that she could stick her head through the spindles at the scrolley parts, but when she raised her head up, only her neck could fit through the straight parts (i.e. her ears and head were through the spindles already). She got a little panicky and luckily I was standing very near to her and realized what she’d done. I pushed her big, empty noggin lower so she could back her head out where it was wider. To solve that problem (if she’s stupid enough to do it again) I strung some cord and snugged it up tight, so she can stick her head through the spindles, but cannot slide it up to the narrow part and get stuck again. And I thought she was the smarter of the two.

I have more photos that I’ll do in another entry. Sabrina and Apollo are quite relaxed and enjoy waiting for the big fella to arrive home after 4 p.m.


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