the dogs settle in

All things considered, I was very organized for this move. It still didn’t prevent me from worrying or getting stressed out. My main concern was the well-being of the dogs. I took great pains to try to keep them on their usual schedule/routine so that the move was seamless and painless for them.

I guess the big fella wasn’t all that bothered, either.

I gave them both a dog cookie and Sabrina laid down on the blue bed. Apollo ran around with the cookie in his mouth, drooling, because he normally would lay on the blue bed. So he decided to throw caution to the wind and squeezed in next to his sister. Awwww!

Look at the similarities in their brindle – his is just a shade lighter than hers. I love how some of the black lines seem to go off her coat and onto his:

One of the great features of our new place is the spacious back yard. After an initial walk around the perimeter, the poopers usually launch into a bit of a spazz circuit:

She looks somewhat alien in that shot!

There is sniffing to be done:

And more running amok …

After they’ve stretched their legs, they chill out and enjoy the mostly-mosquito-less outdoors:

Since we’ve been here, the weather has gone from an unbearable, scorching hot +32°C last Friday (when the movers were unloading all our household effects and had removed the front door in order to accommodate that – the inside of the house was stifling and took two days to cool off.  I was NOT happy about that!), it has turned much cooler and has rained at some point every day.  It’s raining right now!  While the house doesn’t have central a/c (yet, it’s on the list), we will be able to hook up the portable a/c now that we have rigged up an exhaust venting bracket that will fit the windows here.  The house has good cross ventilation, aided by three ceiling fans, so we should be able to control the heat for the most part.

Also, I haven’t knit a stitch since a week ago Tuesday.  I’m past the withdrawals and just think longingly of the knitting to come.  Now that we’re able to go about our daily routines, I will pick away at the basement and devote some time to it over the weekend.  And hopefully, I will pick up my knitting!


4 thoughts on “the dogs settle in”

  1. I’m really late in commenting here but just want to say – congratulations on your new home! I love the laminate flooring and the kitchen is awesome. Beautiful big yard too for the furry kids. I hope you get settled in with minimal stress.

  2. Place looks awesome. I love your wood floors, the split by the front door and the orange wall. Also, I’ve been Facebook creeping you. Good videos!

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