and again with the rain/thunderstorms!

It was pouring rain at 6 a.m. and then it cleared off to a bright sunny day. And now the storm clouds are rolling in. I was going to get my bike out for a ride, but will have to wait and see what the weather’s going to do.

I spent some time yesterday working on the family room/yarn nook. One of the boxes I unpacked had some books as well as yarn. I’m not a packrat/sentimentalist; I don’t need to hang onto a lot of clutter and crap because so-and-so gave it to me 24 years ago, etc. If I don’t use something, it gets donated to a charity and out of my house. [The moving every four or five years really helps with that!]

Anyways. I came across this little gem:

Ah, The Happy Book. This cracks me up for several reasons. First, those of you who know me in real life know that while I’m not unhappy, I am more sarcastic and cynical than joyful and optimistic. Not that I am a miserable curmudgeon, just not Polly Sunshine. The Happy Book, indeed!

Hmm. Even in grade three, was I prophetic? “Room3, Grade 3 …. Queen.” While I like that interpretation, it is more likely that I was writing my school name in there and got side tracked. Some of my elementary schools were “Queen [your name here]”. Hmm, grade 3 would have been … Queen Elizabeth. I don’t think I went to Queen Mary until grade 4.

It amuses me that I have kept that book this long. I have another book that was along with this one, it’s a book on horses that my dad got me when I was probably six years old. It’s tucked away in the book shelf next to The Happy Book.

Sabrina almost got left behind on the walk this morning. She was too interested in playing with her poodle (I got two more when I was at W@l Mart yesterday) and then suddenly realized, “oh my god, they’re going to leave without me!!!”

She’s been licking her scraped knee quite a bit and it was looking icky, so I tried to put a little piece of gauze on it, secured by vet wrap so at least she’d give it a break from the lick, lick, lick. She was not amused:

And of course she got the vet wrap off a few minutes after this photo. I didn’t want to wrap it too tightly in case I cut off the circulation, so it was probably really easy for her. But that is an awkward spot to put the vet wrap!

Apollo seems a bit concerned that the snake has his head in his business …

And Princess Sabrina gets lippy. That new couch is going to be broken in in no time! Her expression cracks me up “hey, my lip is stuck here … hey, human? servant?! … lip is stuck here !!!”

So I have a little more work to do in the family room and then we’ll be completely unpacked and organized. We do have to decide what to do with our pictures, etc. and pick out which ones we’re going to hang, which ones we’ll retire, etc. Probably do that next weekend. But for now, all the cardboard boxes have been unpacked and put away. Whew!


3 thoughts on “and again with the rain/thunderstorms!”

  1. I have a book called “A Horse Named Joe.” It’s an old novel, and was a discard from one of my mom’s libraries. There’s a lot of books in my collection that I could give away, or not replace if they were lost. Not that one. Sometimes it’s not just sentimentality; sometimes it’s a piece of your history.

    The dogs look settled! The unpacking takes forever, but it will get done!

  2. The couch set looks so comfy and all that dog slobber will age and soften it up in no time! I also love how woebegone she looks with her bandage on! Poor, poor Sabrina!

  3. How cool to find those old books from your past.
    The photos and captions of Apollo and Sabrina are hilarious!
    I hope Sabrina’s leg heals well with no problems.

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