what ever happened to the knitting?

This is getting to be Terri’s DOG blog, not knit blog! Well, I actually do have some yarn photos, and I have been able to do a little knitting on the socks and the greyhound balaclava. Just no pics of those today.

I was able to completely finish the basement/family room unpacking and organizing. The big fella was very happy to have the last batch of 30 or so cardboard moving boxes to break down and take to the recycling bins. Me, too.

This is one corner of the family room in the basement. Envision a chocolate brown leather ottoman in front of that chair, as well as a stand lamp behind it.

Looking into the yarn nook area from the tv area.

Oh, look! There’s some yarn!! (I guess I can’t say I “need” any more sock yarn …)

The tv area – the tv is to the right of the photo. The house is a bi-level, so the basement is somewhat above ground, and has big windows that let in a lot of daylight. It’s very nice!

And down at the other end of the basement hall is my bike – on which I finally got out for a ride on Friday!

While I was organizing the yarn nook (oh, in addition to the wall o’ yarn, there are two rubbermaid tubs in the storage room which contain all my Norwegian wool, and my Patons Classic Wool) I came across this:

That is Patons Classic Wool in Paprika. It is somewhat cursed as the two (?? three ??) projects I’ve attempted with it, have not gone well. I am going to unravel it yet again and probably try making the February Lady Sweater with it. Maybe it will work out this time.

We’ve had really unsettled weather the past two weeks with it raining at least once during the day/night. Then it heats up a bit, and we get our portable a/c going. The only suitable place for it was in the spare (Apollo’s) room. He isn’t hating it! He’ll lay at the one end of the bed where the flow of cool air blows and snuggle into his gold blanket and chill-ax!

Off to wrangle the laundry and hopefully put in some quality knitting time!

Edited to add: here’s a photo from the other morning on our a.m. walk along the river path:


4 thoughts on “what ever happened to the knitting?”

  1. I’m quite jealous that you can keep your yarn out and have a nice spot to knit. I must keep all yarn hidden from my Yorkie, Betty when not in use. She was so bored today, she ate my address book. Don’t have a clue how she got it.

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