I promise, tomorrow there will be a knitting photo

Because hopefully by then I’ll have made some progress worth sharing on those socks.

The weather forecast for today is +32°C; it doesn’t seem that hot now, only about 23, but it still isn’t quite 11 o’clock. It was really hot yesterday, and muggy. We have the a/c going inside and it keeps it comfortable. We did sit outside in our lovely back yard last night (and marveled at the un-bugginess of it all). The poopers and I have been going out for a break during the afternoons and sit in the shade of the deck:

That’s one content hound!

Actually, that’s two content hounds!

I tried a new recipe on Sunday night – I hated to heat up the kitchen, but we needed to eat and I wanted to try this recipe, so I did. It turned out pretty darn good. It is a chicken enchilada recipe with some healthier refinements. While I’m not cilantro-phobic like Jane, this did seem a little heavy that way (5 TBS total), so I would reduce that amount a little or find a suitable substitute. And while the description says “corn”, I didn’t notice until after it was in the oven that the recipe doesn’t call for any corn. I would probably add some kernels just for crunch and texture. AND I would probably try some corn tortillas instead of the flour ones, as they seemed a little limp once the thing came out of the oven. But the flavour was pretty good.

I also found this chocolate cake recipe that I am going to try, probably tomorrow, as the forecast is calling for cooler temps and rain. Ree’s website is full of great recipes, photo tips, etc. and I have spent an inordinate amount of time there the past few days. Here’s the direct link to the cooking site.


While I’m unpacked and have settled our things, I haven’t gotten back into my pre-move routine. With a view to doing that, I’m going to go for a ride with one of the bike posse who now lives in the same city – hopefully this evening it will have cooled off enough that we won’t heat-stroke out on the ride!

I like to call this one “poodle … under McPoundage …”

(I put an arrow to direct the viewer to the poodle)

And this one … hmm, “flippy floppy ears, in repose”


2 thoughts on “I promise, tomorrow there will be a knitting photo”

  1. I am so sorry about your eye, Terri. I have a terrible time with wasps. I swell up like a balloon. And their stings feel like fire. Hope the benedryl helps. The pharmacist told me to take a double dose immediately for wasp stings and it prevents the ballooning, but I sleep for 12 hours, so day lost.

    I love the poopers cute noses!

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