breakfast of champions (?)

As I mentioned, I wanted to try out this FAB recipe. I decided to do my baking this morning, so that the house would have a chance to cool off from the heat of the oven. It is cooler today, rainy, and I have all the windows open, fans going and it doesn’t seem too bad in here. The recipe was easy-peasy and didn’t take long at all to whip up.

I forced myself to finish washing up the sauce pan, mixing bowl, coffee maker parts, etc. before I cut into this baby. Along with a tall glass of icy-cold milk, my breakfast was fantastic! And I think I deserved it. You’ll see …

Last night we went out for a 30 km ride about 7 p.m. As long as we kept moving (and creating a breeze) it wasn’t too bad at all. Drank lots of water, though. Anyway, on the return loop, all of a sudden a wasp buzzed into my face, got stuck between my sunglasses and my eyebrow and stung the hell outta me! It was instant pain, but didn’t look too bad:

It’s my left eye (on the right of the photo) and it was just a little bit puffy and red. It hurt to touch it, but that was all. So imagine my surprise when I woke up this a.m. and my eye felt a little funny. I got out of bed and looked in the mirror:

Man, that’s NASTY! And I can’t say that it doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks! I’ve taken some Benadryl and hopefully that will relieve the swelling. Fucking wasp.

Yesterday I got the dogs’ new i.d. tags in the mail, along with my “man tag” from Boomerang Tags. Their shipping was very fast. When we met Spazz Wendy in Seattle in April, she showed me her “dog tag” that she wears when she goes running. Upon our move, because I knew I’d be riding on busier roads and there’d be no one who’d know me, I decided to get a tag with my personal info, some health info and an emergency contact, in case I ended up in a ditch somewhere.

Oh, you patient readers – here it is, an actual knitting photo!

That’s those Lorna’s Laces “lakeview” socks. I have both socks to this point, just after completing the gusset decreases. I love LL’s yarn, but this pair, also, doesn’t seem to match with the colour swirling repeats. It’s all the same dyelot, but there are differences. The colour in this photo above is a little too rich; the blues, purples and greens are all quite distinct.

It’s blurry, but the colours are quite true in this photo.

I’ll leave you with Apollo’s and Sabrina’s most loveable features: their noses!


4 thoughts on “breakfast of champions (?)”

  1. The man tags are great for traveling with children too. I long time ago, I had some made with a cell phone number on it in case the kids would get lost.

    Hope your eye is doing better now, I was stung by a bee once at the same place as you. Ouch!

  2. I got stung by yellow-jackets in much the same way; they flew down into my shoe and got stuck between the shoe and the sock. HURT!! The face is a tender area and you have my sympathy.
    1. Thank you for responding to my question.
    2. Yes, 32C is still hot, no matter where you are! You were right.
    3. You have a beautiful home and an Awesome “knitting nook”
    4. I love your dogs and your knitting is completely inspirational.
    Okay, okay, I’ll shut up now. Happy healing and “you go, girl!” for that marathon bike ride!

  3. One summer up north I walked through a clump of birch into a swarm- conservatively 50 of the buggers got a piece of me. Not happy- but Benadryl really is a miracle pill.

    I always think that dog noses look like they’ve been pasted on, like a teady bear.

    If you’re home a week from Wednesday I may be up in PA. Coffee?

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