that explains the sand in our bed

The poopers have been enjoying running amok in the yard, through the sand box, digging up the sand box, etc.

Then they are content to relax in the shade of the deck until the “dig” urge hits them again!

Oh, I should add – the Ugly Tree (that seems to be sprouting from Sabrina’s forehead – d’oh!  bad photographic composition) is not a magnolia tree, but probably a cherry or plum tree.  I got out my Audubon tree book and compared photos of the bark and leaves and while I can’t pin it down completely, it mostly resembled the cherry and plum trees.  We’ll have to wait until next spring and see what the flowers look like.


One thought on “that explains the sand in our bed”

  1. I assume digging is followed by a mad dash around the yard 🙂 Sabrina and Apollo are lucky hounds, Tara would love a sand box of her own!

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