knitting progress

Okay, so everyone but Ande can look at these:

Aw, jeez, you didn’t cheat, did you Ande?!

These are Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in colourway #504, Lakeview. They ended up being a closer match, sock to sock, than the Daffodil pair I made a few months ago. Really nice colours!

Of course no knitwear leaves Chez Royea without Sabrina modeling it.

Once these socks were done, I picked up the greyhound balaclava and have been working on that. I have a few ideas to refine the previous versions. I was also eyeing that wall o’ sock yarn and am being tempted by some great colours that I’d forgotten I’d had.

And last night, three of us were on that couch – I was on the right, Apollo was draped across pretty much the rest of the couch, and Sabrina managed to nose her way in to be on the extreme left. It was very cosy.

” … le sigh … It is such a hard life I must suffer …”

“yeah – what SHE said!”


One thought on “knitting progress”

  1. Dewd, couldn’t you have put a jump in or something? I honestly didn’t try to cheat! I’m kinda glad I did because now I am so excited!!!!!! Woot! Socks for me!!!!!
    And we made it home in one piece and with our sanity…barely…now I need a beer!

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