damn plumbing

I was going to have an entry full of knitting and such, but spent the majority of the day helping my dad fight my kitchen faucet. Grrr. The existing faucet began indiscriminately leaking buckets of water from the spray hose yesterday, so this morning I went out and bought a new faucet, a little less fussy and what I thought would be an easy install/replacement. FOUR and a HALF HOURS LATER … the faucet will be going back.

In the meantime, I did have one little success today:

before ...
before ...

That’s our manky old dishwasher (which we love now that it works, but getting to that point – ick.  Just ICK). I had a flash of brilliance and here’s how it looks now:

oooh, shiny!
oooh, shiny!

I got a stainless steel panel cut to fit the old black one and swapped ’em out. It makes the dishwasher look like it’s part of the “new” set.

With my unresolved faucet problem (hey, guess I can’t cook supper with no running water in the kitchen) I feel somewhat like Sabrina looks:


Oh, and also? I can’t believe I didn’t twig onto the SUPER EASY WORDPRESS WAY to insert images into my posts …


6 thoughts on “damn plumbing”

  1. Picked up a new faucet at the big box store and handy handy hubby was just going to take a few minutes to install it. HA! Yes, three trips to the hardware store and four hours later. I know what you are experiencing. 20 years earlier we built this house and know its quirks, but, alas things wear out, corrode, leak, spray water everywhere. It happens.

    Your stainless steel sheet is pure genius. It look great.

  2. HI!!! I found you!!! I thought that since your old blog had not been updated in ages that I had lost you forever! So glad that your move went well and you are all settled. I have been to your town twice in July dropping off and picking up my kidlets and I thought of you both times!

  3. Great updated look on the dishwasher. At one time, the front panel of some dishwashers were reversible; you could switch from white to stainless or black to stainless. Than the appliance, companies figured out they could charge more for the stainless appliances and eliminated the reversible panel option. Your new home looks lovely and the pups look very content.

  4. You admit to four and a half hours for the fix, but how many trips to the store? And nice job on the dishwasher! It looks great.

    The dogs seem to have settled in to the new digs nicely. I think dogs and kids are way more adaptable than we give them credit for.

    Hope to see you soon!

  5. Oh yeah. And what is the super-easy wordpress way to insert photos? I may already be doing it, but if there’s any shortcut I’m missing, I want to know.

  6. Judy, not 4.5 hours for the fix, but 4.5 hours to realize the damn thing wasn’t going to work! (The next day it was about 20 minutes with a different faucet and all was well again!)

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