just one more plumbing photo

A nice Moen faucet

This was the result of a much-shorter installation the next day. Thanks, Dad! It looks great, it works great and doesn’t leak.

Apollo had been enjoying eating raspberries that come through our back fence from the yard behind us. I picked a bunch, but they were very, very ripe. When I rinsed them with water, they pretty much disintegrated. But they were pretty:

garden fresh raspberries

I have reached my breaking point with the mess that is this:

Sandbox, I hate thee!

As much as Apollo LOVES to dig, dig, dig (there’s a video on my FB page …) I can’t stand the amount of sand that is being brought into my house, even though we wipe their feet, etc. they always go here:

well, you bought this for US, didn't you?!

but I am sick of vacuuming, sweeping and swiffering BUCKETS of sand. We’re giving this thing away – FREE, just come and take it all!

Regia Nation #5397

Those are my current socks in progress. I started them just to have something handy to pick up and knit mindlessly when I had a moment or two, or was waiting for the big fella, etc. In the meantime, I’ve been prowling the Rav for sock patterns but there’s SO MANY! I might have found some way to use up all that sock yarn stash. The colour stripes are too bold and defined, I think, to try any of those great texture patterns, so I should be able to rocket through these plain vanilla socks.

So the fair is in town this week. It’s making the entire area around the exhibition grounds an absolute nightmare to navigate. We can hear the rides, the loudspeakers, etc. from our house even though we’re several blocks away. It made me think about when we were kids and it was a real treat to get taken to the fair for an afternoon. I remembered having this photo somewhere (it ended up being in my desk drawer):

and that's probably the last time I rode 2-up behind anyone on a motorbike

Wow. That’s a lot of pink and red. That might explain my aversion to pink as an adult.

I also found this photo in my desk drawer:

Whiskey and me

That was probably … 30 years ago (gulp!). It’s a scratchy old Polaroid, but I like it. That horse was a lot of fun!

The long weekend is coming up – the big fella is very excited to spend it at home, at our OWN home, doing little chores and tasks and just enjoying our space. The weather has been a bit cooler today, but sunny, and I’ve been seeing conflicting forecasts whether it will rain or not. If it rains, I have some recipes I’d like to try out.

don't hate me because I'm beautiful

3 thoughts on “just one more plumbing photo”

  1. Sand is awful! Yesterday and today I have a guy here refinishing my hardwood floors. Grit (sand) is the worse thing for floors he says. After 21 years of dogs, sand, little boys and big boys, parts of my floor were down to the bare wood. Get rid of the sandbox before it’s too late.

    Love the socks and sweet Sabrina. Old photos are such fun to look at. What’s up with all the blonde hair?

  2. Big sandbox = big mess. I wondered when it would lose its appeal (to the humans, not the dogs). I hope it won’t be too disappointing for Apollo when it disappears.

    It must feel so good to be settled in your own home. I didn’t get a chance to comment awhile ago but I wanted to say how creative it was of you to refinish the dishwasher with the stainless steel. Very cool.

    Happy long weekend!

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