we’re having a lazy weekend

so far, and loving it! The big fella was marveling that he hasn’t had a long weekend off in at least five years, probably more. (And he still marvels that with his new position, he’s not on call or working shifts, something he’s done regularly for the past 37 years. It’s a nice change.)

The other night I finished off the latest version of the Greyhound Balaclava. Hmm, it’s still just not right.

the reluctant model
the reluctant model

I used some leftover yarn from the Aran Greyhound sweater. I made some changes from the previous versions, but the heel flap idea still doesn’t fit right. I redid that heel turning three times. I think I need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Sabrina seems to agree
Sabrina seems to agree

Against Apollo’s nice white fur, this unfortunately makes him look like Martin Shaw (and yes, he’s as handsome, too!)

You can call me Your Honour, no need for the Your Lordship
You can call me "Your Honour", no need for the "Your Lordship"

The fit still needs tweaking. It doesn’t come enough forward on the top of the head, and at the throat it needs to be decreased some more. I decreased some, but not enough.

Why must I be tormented with such ill-fitting knitwear?!
Why must I be tormented with such ill-fitting knitwear?!

Maybe instead of the heel flap/turning construction, some really aggressive short-rowing would make the top better. Well, I’ll put it aside for now. I picked up the Mini-Clapotis last night and forgot how lovely the yarn is. So while I’m tempted to start something new, I think I’ll work on the scarf for a while.

Im bored ...
I'm bored ...

I went to the library yesterday and came out with a big bag full of books, magazines and dvds. I love being a 7 minute drive away from it. One of the magazines was Bon Appetit – the cover recipe was this cabernet braised short ribs which I know we’ll love. So I got a couple more issues of Bon Appetit, as well as a few issues of Bicycling magazine. Lots of good info in there, plus photos of some sweet lookin’ rides! Very inspiring, but I still ditched on the bike ride this morning. I was drinking coffee, reading and snuggling with Apollo when my biking partner called to see if I was in. She was going with someone else as well, so I wasn’t abandoning her completely. And it’s very windy. I might go out on my own or with the big fella in the evening …

In other news, we have covered the sandbox with a tarp and used some wood to strap it down. We talked to our neighbours and they might take it off our hands. I have a little poster printed up that we will distribute around town and hopefully someone will want this. Apparently sand is expensive – the neighbours were saying their brother got about half that amount sand and paid $160 for it.

So for the meantime, I won’t have any more sand tracked into the house, and it’s not a complete eyesore in the back yard with the white tarp covering it.


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