we know you have bacon …

so hand it over!
so hand it over!

We had pancakes and bacon for brunch today. We thought it would be nice to eat on the table on the deck. You can tell that these poor hounds are underfed and mistreated … and yes, they each got a little nibble of bacon!

Oh, and p.s. If Food Network puts a teeny tiny disclaimer on the bottom of one of their recipes, as they did here, it’s probably a good idea to pass on the recipe. Or at least don’t make a double batch. These cookies turned out so … much less than I had hoped. Taste, texture, colour, etc. blah.


2 thoughts on “we know you have bacon …”

  1. My hubbies grandfather would sneak bacon from breakfast and put it in his coat pocket to give to the dogs….we always wondered why our dogs followed him around constantly.

    Since I’m a true blue 4th generation Texan I feel it necessary to comment on the cookie recipe. No true cowboy cookie recipe would contain coconut! My best luck on these cookies it to find your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe and add chocolate chips and nuts. (Gotta be pecans….state tree!) This recipe needs more brown and less granulated sugar.. IMHO.

  2. yum, pancakes and bacon, most excellent combintion. and I love this photo of Apollo and Sabrina! Those eyes – how could anyone refuse their plea for just a little nibble of bacon?

    Thanks for the tip re the food network disclaimers; good to know.

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