c’mon in, the water’s fine!

of COURSE it had to be the pool with the swimming dogs on it ...
of COURSE it had to be the pool with the swimming dogs on it ...

A week or so ago I said to the big fella that we should pick up a kid’s paddling pool. I saw on Canadian Tire’s website they had some 46″ plastic ones for under ten bucks. We went up there, but NOOOOOO, that wouldn’t do for his little princess. Instead we paid twice as much and got the 60″ pool, complete with “swimming dogs” motif. Some are in inner tubes, some wear scuba gear, etc.

Sabrina has been missing her dips in the lake since we’ve moved. She will walk right in and lay down, up to her chin, in water. Not much for swimming, but wading and laying, she’s down with.

When I returned from our bike ride this a.m. (40 km) it was already hot at 10:30. So after my shower, we went in the back yard and I got the pool out and filled it a few inches with some nice, cool water.

Apollo, being the big chicken that he is, won’t go in the pool. Yet. I got him to drink from it, to stand beside it and have water poured over him, so it’s not the water, it’s more likely the uncertain bottom surface of the pool. Ooooh, scary.

look, Apollo, its not scary - its refreshing!!
look, Apollo, it's not scary - it's refreshing!!

4 thoughts on “c’mon in, the water’s fine!”

  1. Of course that wouldn’t do! Wimpy ass pool! Same thing happened when we got ours (which lives in the garage since neither will use it) we went to Canadian Tire and had to get the 4′ x6′ model with slide, umbrella stand and drink holder! Oh, and you can thread the hose through and make a fountain. Sheesh…men!

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