go ahead and laugh, I don’t care!

It doesn’t cost a cent for gas!

(great, now that Tequila song is running through my head)
(great, now that "Tequila" song is running through my head)

I picked up that bike at W@l Mart the other day. It came with the rack and panniers on the back, and I added the basket on the front. I took a big stack of books back to the library, and brought more home. Then I got three bags of groceries and pedaled those home, too. It’s really different (sort of weird) to ride that at a leisurely pace instead of my road bike (where we FLY – speed is paramount) but I quite enjoyed it. The big fella had been laughing at my Pee Wee Herman bike until I told him I could probably fit a six-pack into the panniers … I plan to use it as much as I can (and weather will permit) to cut down on taking the big car out for errands.

While I’ve spend an inordinate amount of time browsing the Rav, being tempted by new projects, I have been working on the Harris Tweed-type socks:

such a nice texture!
such a nice texture!

I have the second sock almost to the heel flap. Once I turn the heels and do the gusset, they should really fly to the toe decreases. The four-row repeat is quite mesmerizing. I am interested to try this stitch pattern with a more vibrant colourway.

a close up
a close up

Yesterday we did some things around the house. The big fella has been re-painting the deck, a few hours at a time. I tried to take some stealth photos through the window. It didn’t work, so I learned how to use the manual focus on my Powershot to focus past the screen on the window …

he loves to paint
why be uncomfortable?

I took some time to do surgery on the many squeakless squeaky toys here. That hedgehog came from Spazz Wendy on my Vancouver/Seattle trip back in April. Sabrina managed to silence it within minutes, and it had been tucked away in my den closet until our move, then it was in our bedroom closet. So I took it out and stashed it up high so I could go and get the replacement squeakers and stuffing. Ol’ eagle eye wasn’t going to let it out of her sight:

just wait til I get my jaws on you ...
"just wait til I get my jaws on you ..."

It’s been quite hot here (still). We have been taking the dogs out for a good walk early in the a.m. while it’s still relatively cool, then we close up all the windows and shades and turn the portable a/c on to keep the house comfortable. There’s no complaints from the hound quotient of the household:

the leather is nice and cool
the leather is nice and cool
nope, not bothered at all
nope, not bothered at all

I know his fans will all be clamouring and mutinous if I dared have an entry without his handsome face:

that quite possibly may have been after a little bit of steak last night
that quite possibly may have been after a little bit of steak last night

In other news, I’ve been undecided what to do about my hair. I know – you’re all shocked because I haven’t been going on about my hair for months, now. I have just let it be what it wants, I dry it with the diffuser in the morning and have enjoyed not messing with it. I was thinking of going in and getting it cut, but I don’t mind it. The last time I was in to see my hair girl, we chose a different shade to colour it, and it was a perfect match to my natural mousy brown, so I don’t have any regrowth showing – well, just on the highlights.

and you can hardly see the grey ...
and you can hardly see the grey ...

Lazy Sundays, we love ’em!


5 thoughts on “go ahead and laugh, I don’t care!”

  1. Wait till I tell the Big Fella that you could actually get a flat of beer on that bike! LOL! Good for you trying to reduce your carbon footprint. So now!

  2. Your hair is so long! In the 2 yrs since I started reading your blog, I don’t think it has ever been that long. I like it.

  3. I’m doing the same thing with my hair. I didn’t like my stylist, and I couldn’t bear to go back to her and get the same old haircut no matter what I asked for. So I just didn’t make an appt., and now I don’t know where to go and my hair just keeps getting longer and longer.

    I wish I had your curls!

  4. I like the Pee Wee bike, very cool and very green. Your hair looks nice the length you have it now.

    Sabrina and Apollo really know how to take life easy, don’t they. We could learn a lot from them.

  5. de-lurking again to say i vote for the long hair – you’re so lucky it looks that great without having to mess with it!

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