convection perfection

With it being a delightfully cooler day yesterday, I decided to actually make the big fella a big spaghetti supper (instead of sandwiches, paninis, burgers, etc). While I was at it, I made an apple crisp (that recipe is the best!) and utilized the convection feature of my new oven – for which we paid a ridiculous amount, but look, it has a BLUE INTERIOR! It didn’t really cook that much faster (the convection temperature is about 25° less than the regular oven, but it seemed to bake better, more evenly). I think that the convection is faster when you’re cooking proteins, etc, but I could be wrong on that!

The week has gone by quickly – I had a lunch date on Tuesday with some friends, then a little bit of shopping afterwards:

$120 Nine West marked down to $16.99
$120 Nine West marked down to $16.99

A nice score at Winners – these gorgeous chocolate brown leather platform pumps for a ridiculous price! Love them!

I’m sensing some disinterest:

Sabrina doesnt care
Sabrina doesn't care

Don’t you wish you could sleep like her?

nice flowers courtesy of the Welcome Wagon
nice flowers courtesy of the Welcome Wagon

(That almost makes up for having to sit there for an hour and listen to this woman go on and on AND ON …)

I had been working fairly diligently on the Harris Tweed socks, but set them aside yesterday to start some Bike Helmet Ear Warmers. I am adapting the pattern to 6-ply sock yarn and being knit in the round, but late last night after working on them for a few inches, I checked the fit on my helmet and they’re too big, so I’ve ripped them and restarted with a smaller stitch count. I think I’ll set them aside and go back to the socks.

joined at the hip?
joined at the hip?

The poopers were hanging out on the bed together this morning while I worked in the computer room. I needed to tidy it up, but also get my computer desk/work station more ergonomically set up. I saw my doctor yesterday to see what next we were going to try with my ongoing (since February) back/shoulder pinched nerve problem. I know that since before we moved that my computer was not set up right, but just put it off to be dealt with after the move.

I got an ergonomic keyboard and it does feel better, and I’m being really careful about chair height, how I sit, arms and wrists centered, blah blah blah. And I need to be better about taking breaks from the computer, instead of sitting here for hours on end. Anyway, I’ve got an appointment for physio on Monday, so we’ll see what they suggest.

We’re having a little fondue party on Sunday for a friend’s “not” birthday (she doesn’t like a fuss being made over her birthday – that’s crazy! Here, it’s the Week of Celebration in September for mine!). Anyway, I haven’t had the fondue gear out for at least a year, probably longer, so I need to sort through that, decide on a menu, etc. And quite possibly bake a not-birthday cake using that fab chocolate cake recipe, except I won’t bake it on a sheet, I’ll use layer pans. Yummy!


4 thoughts on “convection perfection”

  1. I love my convection oven (and I also paid an ungodly amount and I didn’t even get the cool blue interior). You are correct in thinking that it saves time on covection roast for meats. I only use convection bake when I have multiple items in the oven ie. two or three trays of cookies. If am baking just one cake, pie or a dozen muffins I use regular bake and center the item in the middle. I love to bake and I love this oven. I know you enjoy trying new recipes and what a nice cooktop you have. Enjoy!

  2. Those shoes were certainly a stinker of a deal- where will you wear them? Don’t your legs looks long enough already?

    Glad you’re delving into the mysteries of the cool blue oven. Seeing your kitchen made me want to go out and get new appliances, but I’ll never get that one past the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

  3. Love those shoes!

    The fur kids are looking very relaxed and laid back.

    I celebrate my birthday on the day and 6 months later. 1/2 years are very important ^.^

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