back in the inferno

It’s damn hot here again, and according to the forecast, will remain so for the next several days. Blech, I hate the heat. We didn’t get the poopers out for their a.m. walk until about 9:30 and already it was too warm. We have everything shut up in an attempt to keep it cool in here, and our little portable a/c is working hard.

Yesterday we got out for a super bike ride before it got too hot – I did 50 km! Woot! Yay me! It was good – I didn’t feel it until after I’d showered up, did some stuff around the house, then sat down. When I stood back up, my quads were saying “hello!”

I’m sooo close to finishing the Harris Tweed socks. I have one sock at the beginning of the toe decreases and tried to get the other sock to that point, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night, so I went to bed. Maybe later. I have to go out and get some groceries and do some prep work for a fondue party tomorrow.

I don’t have any photos this time – all I have on the camera are shots of the poopers splayed out on the couch, love seat, bed, trying to stay cool. Have a look at this cute compilation from “Quigley Down Under”:

That was such a cute movie; Crazy Cora cracks me up every time!


2 thoughts on “back in the inferno”

  1. I love the Quigley vignettes. I pull the “Roy” thing on my husband and it really freaks him out. The theme music comes from another sound track and it is SOOO familiar, but I just can’t place it. Can you?

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