some progress

on the socks!

beginning the toe decreases

This yarn is such a nice earthy colourway.

Regia Nordic Color #5516
Regia Nordic Color #5516

It’s been another busy couple of days. We had our FAB fondue party Sunday night – that necessitated two days of prep and a day of clean up afterwards. As the case for previous fondue parties, we WAY overprepped the food/veg/cheese/bread. But it all tasted so good and was such fun. Note to self: next time eat only bread and cheese, then you can eat ALL the chocolate fondue. Yummy.

needlenose bookends
needle nose bookends

Poopers are getting frustrated with the damn heat. We haven’t been able to take them for their after supper w-a-l-k-s because even at 8 and 9 p.m. it’s been 28° C. Too damn hot! They’ve been going out in the yard to take care of business, but they miss their outings.

Look! Behind you!! A serial killer!!!
Look! Behind you!! A serial killer!!!
I see dead people ...
I see dead people ...

So I had a physio therapy appt yesterday morning. I rode my Pee Wee Herman bike, but instead of the leisurely bike ride I envisioned, I pulled out of the driveway, my panniers started getting stuck in the spokes, I messed around with them for a few minutes, then ripped the entire thing off my rack. Then I had to ride hard to get to my appt on time. Ick – I’m sure she was impressed with my sweaty person. Anyway, she took a history from me of the whole six month ordeal, then had me turn around and poked me in three specific spots on my back/shoulder and asked if they were tender (they were). I was very impressed. She worked on me and gave me some stretching exercises to do and I go back on Thursday for more. I felt way better after that than I did at any of the massage therapy appts.

Anyway, while I was on the floor this aft doing my stretches, this was my view:

I hope she doesnt drool on me
I hope she doesn't drool on me

This morning when I was lying there doing my stretch with my eyes closed, I felt I was being watched so I opened my eyes and Sabrina had her nose about two inches from mine “whatcha doing on the floor, mom?”. She ran and got a squeaky toy to see if she could convince me to get up. Then she had a nap. ha ha ha!

So I’d like to finish those socks today and then decide what I’m going to do next. I have an idea for another greyhound ear warmer … you know I’m not going to give it up until I succeed, whether the dogs like it or not!


One thought on “some progress”

  1. I really like those earthy colours on the socks.

    You must feel relieved to have some good help for your pain. I hope it continues to heal.

    Love the pooper pictures and captions!

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