a pathetic little heap of bones

Sabrina has been without the big fella for a few days:

theres no colour in my world because my daddys gone
"there's no colour in my world because my daddy's gone"

There’s been much sighing, moaning and whining. She doesn’t seem to complain, though, when she hogs his side of the bed.

Apollo is more laid-back
Apollo is more laid-back
and less Drama! Queen!
and less Drama! Queen!
than Miss Woebegone
than Miss Woebegone

I haven’t done a lot of knitting – I couldn’t decide what to start next and got sucked into the RavVacuum for a few hours at a time … But today I had a great physio appt, followed by a long visit and lunch with a friend. And?! The weather is finally cooler. When I was riding the PWH bike back from my physio appt, I felt chilled and had goosebumps all on my arms and legs! Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for very hot temps again by Sun/Mon. Blech.

NEWSFLASH: This just in – I was flipping through the fall Vogue Knitting and saw this: it’s Polar Fleece yarn!! Now my two loves have come together – knitting and polar fleece. Squeee!!


One thought on “a pathetic little heap of bones”

  1. There is nothing quite as pathetic as a pining dog. The world has quite obviously come to an end, and there is nothing you can do to help.

    That polar fleece yarn is neat- what are you going to do with it? Whatever it is, it should knit up quickly!

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