is it cake?

or is it a brownie?

very good, no matter what it is
very good, no matter what it is

Yesterday in celebration of the cooler temps, I whipped up this great recipe but instead of using a cookie sheet, I put the batter in a 9 x 13 cake pan and baked it for 31 minutes. It’s damn good, but the texture is more dense and brownie-like than “cake”.

I made a half-batch of the icing and cut way back on the sugar (by half, so 1/4 of the called for sugar for the half-batch) and it’s much less cloyingly sweet and more chocolatey. Yummy. And so what if I had this for breakfast?!

Apollos learning
Apollo's learning

new tricks from Sabrina – he jumped up on the love seat and snuggled into the throw pillows much like Sabrina often does.


Mr. Handsome sooo loves his gold plush blanket. He was facing into the a/c and must have gotten a little chilled, because when I walked by next, he had his face snuggled into his blankie.


I’ve been browsing through Ravelry’s pattern searcher for some new sock patterns and ideas. I still am getting sidetracked by everyone’s great projects, but I’ve added quite a few new things to my project queue. I am completely swayed by the Jack Sparrow socks as well as some other textured sock patterns. I’m not a big fan of doing colourwork, but I sure love the finished product.

And I still am being pulled by the sweater bug – especially now that we’ve had a couple of days respite from the damnable heat!

waiting for her daddy
waiting for her daddy

I told Sabrina that her daddy would be home by lunch time. She’s curled up in his pillows waiting …

Huh – I was just looking at my Ravelry queue and see another pirate sock pattern, the Buccaneer’s Booty Sock that I had added some time ago. The Jack Sparrow socks has a different skull pattern (taken from the We Call Them Pirates hat by Hello Yarn – of which I have knit many) and I like it better. The Jack Sparrow socks are knit toe up, as well, so that’s different. I love all the great colour combinations for both versions. Hey, check out this great mitten pattern at Hello Yarns.

So anyway, back to sweater ideas – I very much want to do the February Lady Sweater, however the accursed Paprika Classic Wool seems a little flat for this project. The majority of the sweaters on the Rav are done in a heathery or tweedy type yarn. So I’m still thinking about that. I have some other sweater projects queued, but not very many (i.e. none?) in that gauge. I will not let the accursed Paprika Classic Wool beat me … back to searching …

NEWSFLASH: edited to add that I found some peeps who successfully used the Classic Wool for a very cute bunnyhug, but I notice that the two made with Paprika were fraught with problems. Bwah ha ha – the Curse of the Paprika Classic Wool!


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