kangaroo feet

all the supermodels have huge feet!
don't all the supermodels have huge feet?

Ande has commented a time or two that our little elegant princess has ginormous kangaroo feet. Hmph.

While I continue to be tempted away from my current WIPs every time I browse the Rav, I decided to pick up my mini-Clapotis and work on that exclusively until it’s done.

thats pretty close to true colour
that's pretty close to true colour

That is some sock yarn I picked up in Seattle, it’s “Pagewood Farm Yukon Hand Dyed Bamboo Sock Yarn” in colourway “Navajo”. It is really nice to work with, very soft (it’s a blend of merino and bamboo) and using the 4.5 mm needles is giving it such a lovely drape.

It will probably block out to be about 20 wide
It will probably block out to be about 20" wide

Instead of messing with stitch markers, etc. I followed a tip I found on the Rav to knit twisted the stitches before/after where the marked stitch would be, and simply purl the marked stitch. It really speeds things up. There are only two rows on the “straight” part of the scarf that you need to pay attention, and you will know when you get to them because of how you are increasing/decreasing those edge stitches and moving the clapotis pattern to the left.

great pattern!
great pattern!

Ripped! from the tabloids!!

Apollo looks particularly startled!
"we wasn't doin' nuthin' ..."

You’ll notice on the left sidebar I decided to go ahead and rip out the Booty Bag. It had been marinating for almost a year and the urge to make it has now left. So now I have three skeins of Cascade 220 in seafoam and three in espresso. Hmm, wonder what I could make with that?


2 thoughts on “kangaroo feet”

  1. haha, those supermodel feet are gorgeous!

    I love the colours in your clapotis, they remind me of the ocean.

    What to do with the Cascade, hmmm, I guess you’ll have to go look on Ravelry for a new project ^.^

  2. I’m nearly done my first Clapotis, at least, I’ve done the first repeat of the decrease section. I really like it, mines pretty big, but I’m using my handdyed!

    My cat has big feet like that too (not quite that big, she’d look funny)

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