It occurred to me this morning when I was flipping through a cookbook that I have not become “metricated” because this cookbook showed the ingredients in metric and imperial measurements. I started thinking about what I use metric for and what I use imperial. It’s split right down the middle. My knowledge of ounces isn’t as strong as my knowledge of grams: if the recipe calls for 6 oz of chocolate chips ???, but if it said 340 g, I’d know.

The same applies in knitting – I know grams for skein weight, not ounces. Yardage and metreage are so close, it doesn’t matter. Well, it doesn’t matter unless you mistook one for the other and ended up short on a project. But “ballpark” figuring it’s close.

I know weather temperatures in Celsius, but oven temps in Fahrenheit. Length measurements I prefer inches, but know that 10 cm is 4 inches. (Gauge swatch!) The big fella is often puzzled by mm/cm for rain and snowfall, and I related that as to what percentage of that 4″ gauge swatch would 25 mm be.

In that Wikipedia link up there ^ it’s funny to see that most Canadians (at least right now) are the same mix of two systems of measurement as I am.  When I was in elementary school, Pierre Trudeau decided all children would learn the metric system in school.  I don’t know if they are still emphasizing that in school now (Tina?) or not.

Anyways …. So my mom and sister and I went to the city yesterday and did a little shopping.  One of our stops was to be the Prairie Lily yarn shop. As we pulled up, I saw a familiar looking Jeep and vaguely remembered a snippet of conversation with Judy that she went Wednesday mornings to a knitting session there. Stalker! Alert!! We went in and I found her sitting at the table at the back! We had a nice chat and she so kindly bestowed a basket on me so I could carry any yarn I might like to purchase ….

peer pressure
peer pressure

Well, I couldn’t very well walk around with an EMPTY basket!  I got some Noro Silk Garden (#206) for a scarf or hat or something.  That delicious Misti Alpaca needed to come home with me. I love that colourway (EZ03)!

the colour is deeper than this; the previous photo is truer
the colour is deeper than this; the previous photo is truer

Because it’s alpaca, it would best be used for a hat, scarf, etc.  I made an alpaca sweater a number of years ago, very soft but it streeeeetched allllll the time.

The three balls on top of the Noro are Adriafil “Friends” which is a 50/50 wool/acrylic blend. It’s soooo soft! They had a couple of hats made with it on display and my sister and I both couldn’t stop molesting them. That’s colour #12. The gauge is 9 st/4″, so very bulky.

And of course there had to be lime green something!

Judy herself threw all seven balls into my basket ...
Judy herself threw all seven balls into my basket ...

I was powerless to resist – I didn’t want to make a scene.  (ha ha ha!!!)  That is some lovely Moda Dea “Silk ‘n Wool Blend” in the wasabi colourway.  I picked up some of this yarn in April on one of our yarn crawls with Ande; I have three balls in #4223, aquatic, and one in #4245, sangria. It’s really nice yarn, but I haven’t done anything with it yet. I should have enough of the wasabi to make … the February Lady Sweater. I can’t wait to finish mini-Clapotis and do some swatching with this stuff.

In keeping with the lime green theme, somehow [?? shrugs ??] I came home with this lime green cashmere sweater:

mmmm, cashmere!
mmmm, cashmere!

So yarn, metric vs. imperial, shopping, etc.  What about some hounds?

The poopers stayed home alone yesterday while I was gone.  My dad came over mid day and checked on them and let them out in the yard.  I imagine they spent the majority of the day thusly:

not too worried
not too worried

– and –

dead to the world
dead to the world

Now I have a bunch of chores to do around the house, but the day’s almost over.  Hmm, I should just cut my losses and start anew tomorrow.  I could just sit down and work a few rows on the mini-Clapotis …


5 thoughts on “im-metric-cal”

  1. Hmm, now I feel I must give you an accurate answer…..I went to my source and I’m afraid he was not too helpful.
    …to be continued…

  2. Beautiful fibers and hilarious grunds. I have been trying to familiarize myself with metrics in everyday life. We covered them in school here in the U.S. for the sake of science, but if I don’t use them in everyday context….I’m still trying to wrap my brain around Celsius. It shouldn’t be such a big deal since my thermometers clearly show both. But everytime you tell me you all are sweltering at 35 degrees I’m always stunned–until I consult my thermometer. I do agree that Celsius makes more sense with freezing at zero and boiling at 100, but then it isn’t an easy calculation with the degrees compairing at 5/9ths or 9/5ths of each other. I was good at math until my hormones kicked in during 7th grade. I do enjoy meters and grams and their siblings. I really need to start using metric every day because it’s so fun. And universal.

  3. I taught science so I’m familiar with metric. I would rather measure metric if I have to find divide a piece of fabric, board, etc into pieces. It’s much easier to the center of an object that is 50.625 cm than 50 5/8 inches. I can also guestimate (technical term) km to miles when travelling in Mexico. Temp still gives me trouble. I know the formula, but can never remember 5/9 or 9/5th.

  4. Oops! Find in the second sentence moved on me. Good thing I didn’t teach English! I don’t proof read very well.

  5. I’m split down the middle on metric. I use it for some things all the time and not for others (and I was waaaay out of school when they brought metric to the masses ^.^)

    I love the lime green yarn and the sweater – yummy.

    That picture of Sabrina is hilarious; not too worried indeed.

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