it makes me want to bake something:

Look at this very cute apron:

how fitting - coffee cups and beans
how fitting - coffee cups and beans

Now before all you sewers (??) get up in arms and rejoicing, I DID NOT sew that.  My mom made it for me (thanks, Mom!) and didn’t it turn out just so cute?!  On our shopping day last week she wanted to pop into this quilting store.  I saw an abundance of beautiful fabrics and colours, but the one table display that caught my eye was one with these “one yard apron” kits.  Their display model was made with a bright yellow rooster material with black with white polka dot trim.  So we made a deal – she’d buy and sew the apron and I will reciprocate with some computer tutoring.  She just dropped it off this a.m. and I LOVE IT!

I finished the mini-Clapotis last night:

the supermodel was too busy napping to strike a pose
the supermodel was too busy napping to strike a pose

I am pretty pleased with how this turned out, except for one thing.  The two balls of yarn were different, even though they were the same dye lot.

the half of the scarf on the right side is much darker
the half of the scarf on the right side is much darker

That is not to say they were completely different colours, but the dye saturation was much greater on the second ball.  I was really enjoying the beautiful bright turquoise, sandy peach and darker blue on the first ball, but the second one was so dark and muddy in comparison.  You can really notice it when the scarf is laid out flat.

I need to steam block it to finish it off – I think it will block out about 24″ wide and maybe 66 to 72″ long.  The fabric really is lovely – drapey and soft and very scrunchable.  I’ll put up more pics once it’s blocked.

The past few days Apollo has had some problems with the laminate flooring in the house.  When we first moved in, he was very cautious when walking on the floor and did have a few episodes where he simply just lost his footing and fell over (from a standstill …) but his confidence grew and the floors were no problem at all.  In fact he handles the stairs better than Sabrina, probably because he’s more deliberate and less spazzy going up and down them.  Anyway, a few days ago, he fell over at the feeding tables.  In reflection, I believe Sabrina probably hip-checked him, he lost his balance and down he went.  If I don’t stand between them, she’ll eat some of her food, then go over to his table and push him out of the way and eat his food.  So I usually stand there until he decides to walk away, at which time she’ll go to his dish and he’ll go to hers.

So the poor boy lost his footing and got all skittish again about the floors.  It happened a few more times over the next days.  At first we thought it might have been his hip bothering him, but I watched him closely and he was walking really weirdly because he was afraid of slipping on the floor. That in itself was making him slip.  And out in the yard and on our walks he bounces along like a puppy.

The big fella decided for the long weekend we’d have a “slumber party” set up in the living room, so he brought up the family room dog beds and laid them out:

snoozin ...
snoozin ...

Apollo made his way onto the “safety” of the bed area:


When we were out yesterday picking up a few things, we got a 4 x 6′ carpet to put at the feeding station so Apollo will feel secure there, and we also got a hallway runner so he can walk without fear of falling.  He’s already become more confident again, so I think he’ll get over his concerns in a few more days.

Whos got the squeaky hedgehog now?!
Who's got the squeaky hedgehog now?!

In other knitting news, I decided to rip out the Regia Germany socks I’d started a while ago.  I’m going to cast on again and probably try the No Purl Monkey Socks as I think that stitch pattern would lend itself well to such broad stripes. I’m looking forward to doing some more involved sock patterns after the delight that was the Harris Tweed ones.


4 thoughts on “it makes me want to bake something:”

  1. That slumber party looks like fun. My Django likes the drag both dog beds together to make one UBER dog bed. It takes him a good 5-10 minutes of kicking, digging, dragging until he gets them just right, then sprawls out like a king across the two.

    I’ve been meaning to try no purls monkeys too….

  2. Oh, poor baby Apollo. These hardwood floors can be a real trial for the long legged creatures. I’m glad you’ve worked out a solution for him before there were any broken bones. Maybe you can knit him some booties with no slip decals on the bottom. I’m sure he would be thrilled to have to wear booties indoors. 😉

  3. Oh, yea, I love the apron. Makes me want to get sewing. And I’m intrested in seeing these No Purl Monkey Socks when you get them started.

  4. Poor, poor Apollo! You should send him to his Auntie right away! LOL
    Nice apron! I may have to look into one of those. Hey, can you use a nice dressy vintage blouse? I have one in a greeny gold silk and the colour is just not me!
    And the giant dog bed looks like dog heaven!

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