mini-Clapotis deets

I blocked and steamed the mini-Clapotis the other day.  You can see the difference in dye saturation in the two balls of yarn:

at the far end you can see the darker shade
at the far end you can see the darker shade

The mini-Clapotis blocked out to 22″ wide by 66″ long.  It’s a nice size.

caling Grace Kelly?
calling Grace Kelly?

I don’t think I’d ever wear as a head scarf like that, but it’s wide enough to.

this is how Ill wear it
this is how I'll wear it

Wow – that split in colour is sort of noticeable there …  BTW, that’s my “before” hair; I saw my stylist/colourist yesterday and got that mop tidied up.

mini Clapotis
mini Clapotis

Doesn’t she look like a goat?


Really – go look at this Nubian Goat and tell me there’s no resemblance.

no goat ears here!
no goat ears here!

I did start the No Purl Monkeys but have only done the ribbing on the cuff for both socks.  I have also swatched and started the February Lady Sweater using that fab Moda Dea Silk ‘n Wool.  I’ve only done the cast on and three garter stitch rows, but it’s lovely!  Edited to change the FLS link – for some reason Flint Knits has -p00f- disappeared!  That’s now a Rav link up there.


4 thoughts on “mini-Clapotis deets”

  1. What is with that dye lot? It looks great anyway and people will be admiring the face within the clapoti. A great frame it makes.

  2. I didn’t block out my Clap, do you suppose I should? I’ve just cast one on for my Mom.

    And yes, there is a definate dog/goat resemblance!

    Is that good or bad?

  3. okay, Sabrina does look sort of like a very pretty goat, but I have always thought she looked more like a gentle doe not a goat….. I think you should wear the scarf over your head, it looks very princess Grace and you could pull it off.

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