what’s that? More new projects?

flippy floppy ears
flippy floppy ears

After finishing the mini-Clapotis the other day, I ripped out my in-progress Regia Nation “Germany” socks and decided to use the No-Purl Monkey pattern.  I have just completed the cuff ribbing on both.  In the meantime, I also cast on for the February Lady sweater:

Moda Dea Silk n Wool Blend in Wasabi
Moda Dea "Silk 'n Wool Blend" in Wasabi

and have that underway.  The Silk ‘n Wool is knitting up very nicely.  I think this one will be a winner.  And in a mild fit of Startitis, I cast on for the Norwegian Star Earflap Hat using my seafoam/espresso Cascade 220 retrieved from the failed Booty Bag attempt. You can also visit the designer’s blog here and look on the right sidebar under “Patterns” for the link to the pdf file.

I have an idea for this hat, but I’ll have to think about it some more to see if it will work.

Apollo hanging out on our bed
Apollo hanging out on our bed

One thought on “what’s that? More new projects?”

  1. I’m way behind on commenting (and for that I apologize) but just wanted to say how much I love your apron – it’s adorable! What fun it must be to wear that whilst you bake.

    Your clapotis is beautiful and looks very elegant draped around you. Is it a project you would consider making again, or a one-off kind of knit?

    I hope Apollo is walking easier now; I know laminate flooring can be quite slippery at times. I also hope Sabrina is over her Goat look – I like the flippy floppy ear look better :o)

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