enter, if you dare

Whenever someone comes to the door (including me and/or the big fella) this is the usual welcoming party:

yes, may we help you?
yes, may we help you?

I picked up the Norwegian Star hat last night and made good progress while watching some Law & Order:

nice colours!
nice colours!

I think when I complete the snowflake chart I’ll have to make sure her crown decreases are not too deep.  I found some comments on the Rav saying that some people found that was the case.  I can do hats in my sleep and the cast on of 96 stitches is one of my standard formulas, so I don’t anticipate any problems.

BTW, I came across this cool fair isle idea on the Rav, a deathflake. You know me, with the skulls and all!  Here’s the photo on flickr.

moooom, shes TOUCHING me ...
"moooom, she's TOUCHING me ..."

Yesterday, Apollo was quite content hanging out on our bed.  The big fella had been away overnight for work (he’s been gone a lot recently …) and the poopers were missing him.  Sabrina came barreling down the hallway with a squeaky (well, sort of wheezy now) toy and insisted on joining him and wedging her way onto the bed.  You can see the very tip of her tail is resting ever so gently on his paw and he’s indignant!


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