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We got home about six last night.  By the time I unpacked and got us all sorted out, it was time to go to bed.  We had a good trip, fantastic day at the picnic, and I was so happy that the greyhound sweaters I’d donated for the fundraising were so well received.

As I had mentioned, the big fella and I bought ourselves a digital SLR as a 20th anniversary/Xmas gift.  Our anniversary is in a few weeks.  I did some shopping around/pricing  online and we went to one particular camera store in Edmonton.  They, unfortunately, did not have in stock what I wanted, and when they discovered the only other store of this particular chain that did was in Lethbridge, the salesclerk tried to sell me the camera body plus a $1,700 dollar lens.  I told her I wasn’t spending that much so she tried to sell me the $700 lens (plus the $600 body) and I still wasn’t going to spend that much.  I asked if I ordered what I wanted from their website would they still give me the “kit” price and she said no.  I told the big fella I needed to think about it, thanked the clerk for her time and assistance, then once we got outside, I said “let’s go to London Drugs” because I hoped they would have what I wanted.

They did – and we spent $749 (sale!!) for the body and lens that I wanted.  I was all giddy about the new camera until we got back to the hotel later on and I tried working with it.  My first clue should have been when I turned the camera on, the menu was all in Japanese, and the date had already been set.  Also the battery only took a short while to charge up to full capacity.  When I was shooting in all the basic/auto modes, it worked fine, but whenever I tried to use the advanced modes (they call it the “creative zone”) the mirror was locking up, it wouldn’t focus, etc.  I spent a while online trying to see if this was normal and just something I wasn’t used to, but I was pretty sure it was messed up.  The camera must have been sold before, and brought back as faulty, but somehow ended up back in stock instead of being sent off for repair/refurbishment.

The next day was the greyhound picnic, and we were at that from 10:30 until after 5, so it wasn’t until we got back to our hotel in Sherwood Park that we could track down another London Drugs and I took the camera in.  I was all ready to make a scene and fight for a new camera, but the nice young man listened to my description of the problem, then he tried a few things and realized right away the camera was buggered, and he offered right away to switch it for another one (that incidentally had been delivered the day before).  We put it together and powered it up to make sure it was all in good working order and it was.  So two thumbs up for London Drugs, their great prices and their fantastic customer service.

So anyway, back to the picnic.  It was greyt to meet in person people and hounds we’ve met online.  Unfortunately Vanessa couldn’t make it, but we did get to meet and sit with Magic Priest:

Mike and Priest
Mike and Priest

and Amanda was there with her three hounds.  I neglected to get a pic of them all, but Bing hung out with us for a few minutes while Amanda was setting up her picnic spot:

hes just adorable!
he's just adorable!

Apollo met up with his foster dad, Jim:

Hey, I remember you!
Hey, I remember you!

Jim gave Apollo a good home last year until I could convince the big fella that Apollo needed to become part of our pack.  Thanks, Jim!  And it was at the picnic last year that we first met Apollo (and were smitten by his charm and good looks!)  We also met up with Colleen, Claire and Chester but unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of them.

The picnic was so much fun!  There were some vendors set up selling greyt duds, collars, gear, etc. and there was plenty of good food and drinks available.  There were two huge tables of wonderful items for the “bag bid” raffle, and then to top it off, a live auction!  And there was the “bobbing for wienies” game:

Apollo gave it a good try!
Apollo gave it a good try!

We didn’t bother entering Princess Sabrina as that would so obviously be beneath her.  Ha.  Apollo gobbled up his dozen pieces of wiener in 35 seconds and held that lead until almost the end.  I think Bubba was second-to-last and he won, paws down, in 17 seconds.  That’s okay, Apollo, we’ll go into training next year before the picnic.  The picnic ended up with a group ROOOOOO!!! which was awesome to hear!

At the end of the day, once we got settled in the hotel again, there were two dead dogs:

they were too tired to even take off their festive bandanas
they were too tired to even take off their festive bandanas

and other than Apollo rooing in his sleep, didn’t make a peep until the next morning.

sooo tired!
sooo tired!

(Those two were taken with the new camera.  We used the “old” camera at the picnic.)

We got a few fabulous goodies in the auction and bag bids, but my most FAVE is this:


One of Vanessa’s very cute greyhound dolls. There was some fast and furious bidding during the live auction for the others!

Apollo helps his dad drive home.
Apollo helps his dad drive home.

OH!  And I almost forgot the GREATEST NEWS EVER!  For my birthday this year, the big fella is giving me a weekend with the fabulous Ande. He’s flying her out to stay with us for a nice long weekend in October. Woot!!! Isn’t he the best?! (And remind me of that next time I’m bitching about him. Bwah!)

And while I took the FLS and the No Purl Monkeys along, I only was able to do a little work on the socks.  I’ll attempt to get a pic of the progress and put them up next time.


3 thoughts on “back home”

  1. A) Now I have camera envy and have to get a new camera
    B) I can’t believe you haven’t let Apollo drive the car yet. We let Sarah drive all the time!
    C) You do have the BHE (best husband ever) and I am so excited and can’t flippin’ wait! Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. I just went through your photos on Flickr and had to laugh right out loud at Elliot coming in for a hug and then getting one from your husband. Made me want to run right out and adopt a greyhound. The entire picnic seemed like great fun.

    I’m glad the camera saga worked out well. New toy, have fun.

  3. The picnic looks like it was a lot of fun. We never see greyhound in the offleash area here- must be because of their propensity to “go walkabout” (I just watched Crocodile Dundee). Attie and Wallace did meet up with an Irish Wolfhound, which was quite amusing.

    Three cheers for your husband! What a great birthday present! You two should have an immense amount of fun.

    London Drugs really are good. We’ve dealt with them on a number of issues, and they are the epitome of customer service.

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