mid-week update

I finally got the “No Purl Monkey” stitch repeat to click in my head. I had a few rounds where I messed it up royally. It’s an 11 row repeat; only four of those are ones where you have to pay attention. All the remaining rounds/rows are knit (if you’re doing the “no purl” version).

Sock #1 ready to commence heel flap
Sock #1 ready to commence heel flap

Having knit this far, I like the pattern and the simplicity of the repeats.  I will make this pattern again with a less definitive colourway, something tweedy or heathery.

The dogs have had a lazy week.  I think they were still recovering from the big picnic.

Im still messing around with the new DSLR
I'm still messing around with the new DSLR

The February Lady Sweater hasn’t even been let out of the ziplok bag in which she travelled.  I am spending my knitting time on the socks.  I also need to get the two Norwegian Star hats out and finish assembling them and doing the i-cord ties.  And I have more great sock patterns I want to try, and sweaters, and two greyhound sweaters, and, and, AND!  So many projects, not enough time.

Well, that sure got her attention!
Well, that sure got her attention!

Yesterday I tried a roast chicken in the oven – I used the “convection roast” feature and man, was it quick!  It was a seven pound chicken and total roasting time was a little over an hour and a half.  The big fella thought it should have stayed in a little longer as it wasn’t “falling from the bone”, but I checked it with a thermometer and also the poke with a fork and observe the juice test, as well as the wiggle the drumstick test and they all said it was done.  But I said I’d remind him of his concerns when HE cooks the next chicken.

This morning was cool (about 5°C) but once we got outside it was COLD with a brisk wind.  Out along the river out in the open it was not great.  Poor Sabrina’s teeth were chattering until we got warmed up.  I debated putting their sweaters on, but as yesterday was the same temp and it was warm enough, I didn’t.  I’ll check for wind tomorrow.  We were all glad to get back to the house and get warm.  I was deprived, though, of a nice hot cup of joe because I had a fasting blood test this a.m. and couldn’t eat/drink anything since 10 last night.


2 thoughts on “mid-week update”

  1. I love my convection oven for meats.

    I think my baked goods prefer a regular baking. My husband suggests that they benefit from a boundary layer of moisture.

    My other favorite tool is my stainless steel pressure cooker. I cook a mean pot roast in that thing in 45 minutes. Then I add the veggies and cook another 5-8 minutes. The meat falls apart, I love it. Well worth the $$$.

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