half-way to 90; and two FOs

So it was my birthday yesterday (yay!  woo!) and while the weather was le suckage, it was still a good day.  We didn’t get out with the dogs for an a.m. walk due to a thunderstorm (Apollo was not keen).  So they made a quick trip out to the back yard, and I enjoyed some coffee and watched the news.  the big fella, in addition to flying Ande out for a long weekend visit in October, came home with these lovely flowers at lunch:

beautiful autumn colours
beautiful autumn colours

A couple of days ago I finally assembled the two-layered Norwegian Star hat.

It was a little too big
It was a little too big

I put one hat inside the other, then tried a variety of joining methods before going ahead with a simple single-crochet border to edge it and join the two.  It was a bit big, so I decided to throw it in with some laundry and felted it down through one hot wash cycle, and let it air dry.  It fits much better now.

oh look, I straightened my hair today!
oh look, I straightened my hair today!

And you can’t see it in that photo, but my t-shirt is orange like the wall.  And my fleece matches the turquoise of the hat.  There’s a couple other photos in the “hat” set on Flickr.

I also finished the No Purl Monkey Socks yesterday:


I will certainly use that pattern again.  It makes a fancy little sock that really isn’t that difficult.  This is Regia Nation Colour #5397, Deutschland.  I think the pattern softens the bold stripes and colours and will look fantastic in a heathery or tweedy yarn, or a solid colour.  But I’m still really happy with how the socks turned out.

I’ve started another pair of socks already; I need to have a pair on the go for those times when I need mindless knitting, or knitting that I can interrupt and then easily find my place again.  I will get back working on the FLS, too.

And just to show there’s no favouratism here at Chez Royea, w/r/t dog humiliation:

I hate you and ... oh, whats the use ...
I hate you and ... oh, what's the use ...

They both now have the knit baby hat as well as the fleece one.  They’re ready for winter!

And in the “yes, I’m completely comfortable” thread:

and shes sound asleep here
and she's sound asleep here

And I can’t close this post without giving Apollo some face-time:

Im still figuring out the focus thingie on the camera settings ...
I'm still figuring out the focus thingie on the camera settings ...

And now I’m going back into Apollo’s room to finish prepping it for new paint.  I picked out the colours yesterday and hope to actually begin painting by the end of the week.  I have removed the baseboards and have to strip the wallpaper that was underneath; then TSP the walls to remove the glue residue, then lightly sand the existing semi-gloss paint, etc. etc.

And one more …

because it makes me laugh.
because it makes me laugh.

7 thoughts on “half-way to 90; and two FOs”

  1. Happy belated birthday! I think having Ande for a visit is a great gift…wonder what would happen if I asked for the same for my birthday?

    Maybe she could start a new career…birthday fairy!

    Hope you remembered to make a wish!

    Jan, Bill and Linda!

  2. Happy Birthday (you’ve got to celebrate for a week or so is my philosophy). Halfway to 90–you crack me up. I know you and Ande will have a delightful time together.

    Sabrina is hilarious even in her sleep. Does she snore with her head hanging like that? My lab would get snot dripping, then would snort and wake herself up.

    Love the hat, what a great idea doubling it up.

  3. Happy Birthday! I wish you joy, and happiness. Your dogs are too funny.
    I think Robin needs a fleece hat too, I wonder if I can find one small enough for her.

  4. I’m late with my birthday wishes but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!
    I hope you are still celebrating your special day!
    I love the socks, yum, and the hat and the hilarious photos of those two gorgeous fur kids.

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