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Yeah, I was away from blogland for a few days because I was otherwise occupied.  Last week I stripped the wallpaper out of Apollo’s (the spare) bedroom and earlier this week I was trying to choose colours to paint the walls and new closet doors in there.

the closet doors, some of the new wall colour and the white baseboard
the closet doors, some of the new wall colour and the white baseboard

Ignore the closet door frame – we’ll probably paint that white.  Also, I’m still learning about the focus points on the camera (not just the middle circle, as I’ve been learning!) and white balance.

So the colours are pretty close – maybe a little bit warmer in this photo than they really are.  I chose a General Paint colour “hound” for the walls, and “dog paw” for the closet doors.  They are a little warmer/pinkier than I probably would have liked, but the cooler hues were all too … flat, dark, muddy.  I don’t know, just not as nice as these two.  I was completely swayed by the names, too.  How fitting that Apollo’s room have dog-named colours!  I wanted to find something that would “go” with the existing flooring.

We used an eggshell semi-gloss white for the baseboards.  A huge shout out to my dad for all his wonderful help.  I think I’ve painted something once.  Many, many years ago.  So we took turns doing the cutting in (oooh, technical term) and rollering (my own term!) and I learned how to do it properly.  It looked pretty good after one coat, but we decided to do two and it made such a nice finished product.

a better representation of the floor colour
a better representation of the floor colour

I want to find a nice comforter or duvet to use when we have guests.  Apollo’s tastes aren’t that refined; he loves his lumpy comforter and fleece and plush blankets to nest and snuggle in.  I will replace the navy blue mini blinds with a couple of nice panel curtains which will go with the other colours, and I have yet to find a bedside table.  Well, one less than $150 (and that was a pretty cheap looking one).  I did find a very nice bedside lamp and the matching ceiling fixture.  We bought a ceiling fixture yesterday, but once I was looking at it this a.m. it had all these puny, practically single-digit wattage bulbs, so I returned it and found the one to match the lamp and it uses “regular” bulbs.  I think it will look very nice.  Hmm, what else do we need to do in there?  The room door is pretty banged up.  We might swap it out with the office door, or the big fella was talking about painting it.  We eventually will replace all the hallway doors, but not at this time.  And as i mentioned, we’ll likely paint out the wood trim of the closet.

I found this photo on my SD card:

yeah ... no idea what this was
yeah ... no idea what this was

I blurred out some writing, and blacked out some flight info.  I was looking at it and I like how the coil of the notebook shows depth of field in action!  And that cup?  That’s my fave coffee cup that Ande gave me. I use it every day. Unless it’s in the dishwasher.

With this week being all about DIY-ing the spare room, I haven’t been knitting much.  I did get some socks started:

reincarnation of the FlocksÔ
reincarnation of the Flocks™

I’m too tired to look through my blog archive to find the story of the Flocks.  Hmm, probably June, 2007 for those of you who have time on your hands.  The socks are for a size 14 foot, so I need about 150 g of 4-ply sock yarn.  I found two complementary Regia colours.  The heathery green (Regia 4-fädig #5572) I’ll use for the cuffs, heels and toes.  And the variegated (Regia Africa #4050) for the leg and foot of the Flocks™.  I’m using the Harris Tweed stitch pattern (or as Dave reminded me, the ol’ blueberry waffle stitch) and my own sock formula.

With all the work going on in his room, Apollo has been hanging out in the office, and in the living room.  Except for when the air gun was going this morning, then he excused himself to the basement.

is it done yet?
is it done yet?
Sabrina accepting her adoration due, what with being a princess and all
Sabrina accepting her adoration due, what with being a princess and all

I took the poopers out for an after-supper walk.  It was just a little after seven and it was REALLY DARK on that path.  The streetlights on the adjacent street light up the road, but the path is away from the reach of the lights.  It’s funny that a month ago it would still have been sunny at the same time.

I’ve also worked a bit on the February Lady Sweater.  I’m almost done the top/yoke part that is garter stitch and increases.  Once that’s complete, then the sleeve stitches are held and the gull wind lace pattern begins.  I’m interested to see how the Moda Dea Silk ‘n Wool blend will look.  And as usual my attention is tempted away by browsing all the great patterns and projects on the Rav.

And now it’s the weekend (huh – last weekend of September!).

Oh – I popped back in to edit and add this link someone posted on the Rav – Jeff Probst is going to keep a Survivor blog as each episode airs.  Of course I watched it last night (2 hours – woot!).  It’s funny that a lot of what he says is what I’m sure a lot of viewers were thinking.  I wanted to like Gillian, but after about two minutes, I found her unbearably annoying.  And it slays me that Probst was happy that someone drew blood and the medics had to be called in – in the first episode!  woooo!  [Watch the video at the bottom of the page, it’s cute!]


4 thoughts on “off the radar”

  1. The room looks great! Doesn’t Ande want to use Apollo’s comforter?

    I like the socks; I have little patience for socks. I admire people who knit socks (especially those with their own formula), and I especially admire people who can do two socks the same one right after the other.

  2. I watched Survivor online last night, finally! Just couldn’t fit it in with D’s karate until 8:30 and then Grey’s and ER. Wish they would move some of those Thursday shows so they aren’t so packed together. I don’t give Fang much hope. They seem like a bunch of dummies! LOVED the blood too!

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