more startitis

I didn’t get much knitting done on the weekend, but what I did was to start a new project!  I cast on to make Apollo his own Side Button Greyhound Sweater. I’m using the Bernat Natural Blends Wool Blend in dark denim. I tried the few remaining colours of this discontinued yarn that I had in my stash, and that looked nice against his fur. I set aside three balls of the dark brown for Sabrina’s sweater, too.  Apollo’s is more pressing because Sabrina has a lovely fleece jacket she can wear in the a.m. and evening, whereas Apollo has a hand-me-down fleece coat.

I also worked a little bit on the FLS and am almost at the point where the sleeve stitches are put on hold.  While I love the yarn and the pattern, my attention is being swayed by other projects.  (same story, I know)

It was a blustery, cloudy, windy Sunday.  We had to go out to run a few errands, while I would much rather have just stayed in.  We needed to get supplies for supper, etc. I did some baking once we got back.  I made these Peanut Butter and Jam bars. Each time I’ve made these, I’ve refined my technique. This last time worked out well. Instead of following her instructions to drop little gobs of dough on top, I flattened the dough into smaller slabs and laid them on top of the jam. When I did as she instructed, the dough never spread out while baking, and the exposed bits of jam burned, so there was a crust on the top. This way turns out much better and everything holds together a little more.

Sundays are for napping
Sundays are for napping

I used available light for that shot.  I probably should have used a tripod because it’s a little blurry due to the slower shutter speed.

Apollo’s new collar arrived in the mail today:

oh, how handsome! (Ignore his dirty face)
oh, how handsome! (Ignore his dirty face)

Hmm, that one was taken using the “portrait” setting; depth of field is too shallow; the collar isn’t sharply focused but his big nose is.


I got that collar at Regal Hound Designs. She’s got some really greyt gear there!

Sabrina says, “if it’s Monday …”

then theres nice fresh sheets on the bed!
then there's nice fresh sheets on the bed!"

While browsing the rav yesterday and today, I was bitten by the fair isle bug.  I actually didn’t have much success searching for the tag “fair isle”, but when I searched for “stranded”, woot! success!  I’m seeing some great projects there.  And of course enabler Ande sent me the link to this very cute Berroco cardigan. I think I’m going to have to make one of those, too. I looked on the rav and very few people have made this cardi. ??? I love it!  I would probably shorten the length a few inches, and I wouldn’t even bother with the last two  buttons on the bottom ribbing.  I know I would never fasten them.

So, back to my Monday chores, and hopefully a little knitting time!


3 thoughts on “more startitis”

  1. Looks like you are having a ball with that new camera. I bought my new digital SLR in July and have taken thousands of photographs, some good, some not so good, all great fun.

    Certainly helps when you have two patient dogs with model-like qualities, doesn’t it? At least that’s what Bill and LInda tell me.

  2. I think the portrait setting is for human faces. Not Cyrano de Begerac’s like your pooches!
    Funny, I’m thinking of picking up my Philosopher’s kit again. Fair Isle Goodness!

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