je ne sais pas

The big fella and I went to an introductory French class last night.  It’s ten 2.5 hour sessions.  I was surprised at how much I knew/understood!  I’m sure it will be interesting to see how much we can glean over the course.  It’s a very small class, only four of us last night, but there’s supposed to be one or two more students next time.

The other day I painted out the closet door trim in Apollo’s room.  After the first coat I didn’t have high hopes for how good it would look, but after the second, generous coat, it looks as good as it probably could.  I didn’t strip or prime the mahogany, just cleaned it, then painted.  It certainly looks nicer having the bright white trim vs. the dark mahogany.  It will do for now.  I had also purchased a new (ceiling) light fixture for that room.  My dad came over to put it up – “easy, quick installation” it said on the box – and after a few hours and several trips back to his garage/shop for nuts, bolts, brackets, etc. we came to the point that the glass globe was to be put on, and realized that the wrong hardware had been in the box all along.  Someone must have returned the fixture to Rona, had either swapped out the hardware for their own fixture, or else had several they were installing, and mixed up the hardware with one of a different style.  So after the big fella got hom yesterday, we went to Rona and got a new box, took the proper hardware from it, and voila, it was done.  It looks very nice and matches the bedside lamp, but MAN, what a production!

current FLS status
current FLS status

I took this a few minutes ago.  This is where I am on the February Lady Sweater.  I have used two balls of the yarn so far.  I’m going to probably make this with long sleeves, instead of short or bracelet length, seeing as I have enough yarn to do so.  Now that I’m in the gull lace pattern, it’s really easy to knock off four rows here and there.

gull wing lace detail
gull wing lace detail

I was doing the garter stitch rows at the point where the pattern calls for you to keep knitting until the front/back almost touch under your arm.  I usually have to make that portion longer than the pattern calls for, so I did several extra rows.  I was looking on the Rav at other people’s pics and no one else did much more than four or five rows, so I stopped after seven, did the one repeat of the gull wing pattern before putting the sleeve stitches on hold.  I just slipped it on, and it seems it will be perfect.

neck ribbing for Apollos sweater
neck ribbing for Apollo's sweater

I was nearing the end of a ball of yarn for the FLS and the rest of it was all the way down the hall here in the computer room, so I picked up Apollo’s sweater and did a few rounds of the neck ribbing.  I was in W@lMart yesterday and they had three balls of the red Bernat “Wool Blend”  for $3 each.  This yarn has been discontinued and while I have some other colours in the stash, the red makes such a nice sweater.  I might make Sabrina’s with the red instead of the brown.

After a few cool, blustery days last week, this week has been balmy in comparison.  On Tuesday after the big fella got home from work, we headed out with the poopers to a park across the river.  They have some good ski trails there during the winter.

happy dogs!
happy dogs!

They sniffed, and peed, and sniffed, and poo’d, etc.  They were exhausted when we got home.

whatcha got over there, Sabrina?
what'cha got over there, Sabrina?

Ande, I think you’re right – the “portrait” mode does not work on greyhound schnozzes!

but Im still handsome!
but I'm still handsome!
and Im still gorgeous!
and I'm still gorgeous!

I’ve been browsing all manner of fair isle designs on the Rav.  When I was out yesterday I stopped at the library and got AS’s “Fair Isle Knitting“.  Our library has a copy and no one there has a clue how much money those books go for on eBay, etc.  I feel duty-bound to borrow it from time to time, to keep it safe.  Ha!  Anyway, I was thinking of doing something like the Venezia pullover, a very fine gauge and fitted sweater. There is also the Autumn Rose pullover. The pattern for the first one is in Winter 2006 Interweave Knits. The Autumn Rose pattern is in a book, Simply Shetland 4, for which I am waiting to receive. I do have some Dale yarns that I’d like to use. They are a bit larger gauge than the fingering weight the two Eunny Jang designs call for.

I also remembered seeing this graph for design your own fair isle mittens at Hello Yarn and am full of ideas for that (greyhound?). Just do a pattern search on the rav for stranded mitten and see all the great designs out there! Or do a google “image search” for the same and see! My biggest problem with the Rav, however, is the vortex it becomes when I go on there to check out one thing, or to browse the forums, and then bam, it’s hours later!

One other cool link I came across in my travels is for a free, online graph generator which takes a photo or image of your choice and outputs a graph. Coolio! I’m going to have to mess around with that a little bit! Not necessarily for the fair isle/stranded project ideas, but other projects!

And now I must go get some groceries for supper tonight, and be back here in time for the guy with the bucket/tractor who is coming this afternoon to remove that blasted, accursed sand box.


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