[joan crawford]no more sand, ever[/joan crawford]

On Thursday and Friday, finally, the sandbox was removed from our back yard.  We tried to give it away without success.  We paid someone to come with a little tractor and truck and it took them about three hours to scoop up the sand, load it into the truck, drive off and dump the sand somewhere, return and repeat.  There was a LOT of sand in that box (24′ x 16′ x 1′).

We went from this ...
We went from this ...
to this ...
to this ...

(after my dad spent a few hours sawing apart and removing the landscaping tie frame)

and finally, after several phone calls which resulted in us not being able to put down and top soil or sod until next June,

to this, which is how it will be for the fall and winter.
to this, which is how it will be for the fall and winter.

We covered it because the dogs would be in there like dirty old socks digging and digging.  There’s just a bit of sand left on top, then it’s hard-packed black dirt which would make such a mess.

Last week was pretty busy with different things going on with the house.  We had an inspector come on Monday because Sask Energy will give us some $ back on our new furnace if we go through their program.  The program requires an inspection to prove that a new furnace is needed and will be more efficient that the current one.  Thurs/Fri as noted above was sandbox removal.  And Friday we had the furnace/ductwork cleaned out.  It was nas-tay!  The guy figured it’d never been done in the house’s 23 year life.  He was sucking out huge amounts of long grey animal fur (not my babies) as well as other gross things.  Blech.  We refused to turn the furnace on until that was done.  Not that we’ve needed it.  All last week it was unseasonably warm.

Today, however, is cool, cloudy and raining.  We all lazed around this morning, and the big fella didn’t take the poopers out for a walk until noon.  Good thing, because they wouldn’t want to go out in this rain.

current state of the Flocks™
current state of the Flocks™

Wow, that’s weird how the sock on the right is just a little behind the other one, but completely out of focus/depth of field.  Huh.

its a good day
it's a good day
to spend napping
to spend napping

On Friday I made this Red Chicken Chili along with some cornbread muffins. The chili was good, but tasted much better on the second day.  I used a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store to get the 3 cups of cooked chicken meat.  It was more work than just making a traditional beef chili, but I wanted to try something different.  There were a lot of people who reviewed that recipe and said the 1/4 cup chili powder was too much, but for our tastes, it wasn’t.  When I make my usual chili, I add 3 Tbs chili powder, as well as cayenne and black pepper, so this was fine.  The muffins were okay, but I might have baked them a little long – they were a bit dry.

I spent some time last night looking at various Fair Isle/Stranded knitting books, both mine and from the library.  There are many things I like about different projects, but not any one in particular that I love completely.  For instance, I love the look of Venezia, but don’t like the neckline and I’m not crazy about the sleeve treatment.  I can’t decide about Autumn Rose because I don’t have the book yet.  But I’m thinking I won’t like that low neckline, either, but the sleeves are better.  I like it being done in fingering weight yarn because that would make such a fine fabric, but then I have all that Dalegarn that I’d like to use up, and it’s dk/sport weight.

I also like the colourways that AS comes up with, but I hate how square and boxy her designs usually are.  I like how her background colours go through bands of colour instead of just one solid bg.  I was looking at some of my Dale of Norway books and they are all very boxy as well.  I have a lot of the ski team sweater patterns and booklets, but just a few with stranded designs.

I have an idea of what sort of stranded project I’m going to make, but it’s going to take some planning, drawing from various sources.  For now, I’ll work on the Flocks™, Apollo’s sweater, and I think I’m going to start this Corrugator Scarf using that Misti Alpaca yarn I got a couple of months ago. I’m also looking at some stranded mittens; I bought the Fiddlehead Mittens pattern for inspiration, as well. Go look at all the great colours people have used.

And I might have to go look at various projects on The Rav, gosh darn it!


3 thoughts on “[joan crawford]no more sand, ever[/joan crawford]”

  1. Removing sand is a dirty project, and well worth paying someone else to do it. Smart play to cover it. I wouldn’t have thought of that until the dirt and sand started to show up in the house.

    Those Flocks Socks look really nice; I love the colours!

  2. I think it is so cool that you knit socks simultaneously so you don’t get the SSS. I have been so excited about finishing my first *real* sock (tiny needles, tiny thread, soooo pretty), but now I’m faced with knitting the other one. That is the only problem with knitting socks- you gotta knit two.

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