lazy long weekend

Here in Canada it’s our Thanksgiving weekend.  The actual stat holiday is on Monday.  The big fella was looking forward to three days off without us needing to travel anywhere, or have any major things to accomplish at home.

Yesterday Apollo had the big fella up between 4 and 5 a.m. with an upset stomach and the big D.  He was out of sorts all day, had no appetite.  I took him outside several times where he emptied himself, and I felt so bad for him.  Poor boy.

I thought snuggling with a friend might help.
I thought snuggling with a friend might help.

I had planned to go out at some point during the day and run a few errands, but I didn’t want to leave Apollo alone in case he had another urgent need to go out in the yard.  So I just stayed in, Sabrina and I kept Apollo company.  By late afternoon when the big fella came home (bearing a rotisserie chicken so we could give Apollo some nice chicken meat to entice his appetite), he seemed to be feeling a bit better.

enjoying the late afternoon sunshine
enjoying the late afternoon sunshine

He certainly felt well enough to devour the chicken meat we gave him, and was game for a nice long walk after dark along the path.  I was happy this morning when I got up and checked with the big fella to find that Apollo slept through the night without needing to go out.  It must have been the chicken.  We went for our usual nice long walk this a.m. and he got a little more chicken with some kibble for breakfast.

Miss Dainty
Miss Dainty

[oh and don’t feel too sorry for Sabrina; she got her fair share of the roast chicken as well!]

heres the big boy today
here's the big boy today

[also, that spot on his arm near the inside of his elbow, it’s not a sore; he has a little skin tag there and he licks it.  The food/saliva makes it turn that pinky colour.]

Being at home all day yesterday gave me some knitting time.  I am working away on the Flocks™ and hope to have them complete and going out in the mail on Tuesday.

another two or so inches to go before the toe decreases begin
another two or so inches to go before the toe decreases begin

I’m quite fond of these Flocks™.  The Harris Tweed/waffle stitch pattern makes the knitting a little less monotonous than stocking stitch or a ribbed pattern and I’m not minding that they are for a size 14 wide foot.  The colourway is really quite nice.  I’ll have to get a better photo with truer colour representation.  And while the green I’m using for the contrast colour isn’t a perfect match, it is complementary.


The contrast/heel-toe colour is almost a mixture of the two darker shades in the other colourway.

So we spent the 20th anniversary evening in French class, but were treated to supper out the next night by the fam.  It was good!  The other day I made a very good stew, I tried this recipe and I will use it again.  The meat was so tender and the flavours were good.  If you choose to use the pearl onions, the easiest and quickest way to peel them is to boil them 1-2 minutes in water, then plunge them into an ice bath, then cut the end off and squeeze it out of its peel.  They really add a nice dimension to the stew.

While browsing the Rav today, I came across a link to this recipe for homemade Oreo cookies which I just might try sometime this weekend.  I also found this recipe for these chocolate chip cookies and when I was getting some groceries the other day, purposely bought cake flour so I would have it on hand when I try this recipe.

I promised Apollo (this morning when he was wearing his hand-me-down fleece coat on our walk) that once I finish the Flocks™ I will devote my knitting time to his sweater.  But I’ve been busy browsing the Rav for mitten patterns, hats, sweaters, etc. etc. so I have a huge line up of things ahead of me!

I found out the other day that we’re attending a formal ball in November, so I’ll have to dig around in my dresses and see if any are suitable.  If not, I’ll be shopping for a new one!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Canadians, and Happy Columbus Day to you Americans!  And Happy Weekend to everyone else!

all legs
a bucketful of legs

4 thoughts on “lazy long weekend”

  1. Pool Apollo; I’m glad to hear he is feeling much better, and that Sabrina didn’t catch the bug.

    Your Flocks are beautiful; I love the colourway you chose.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Poor Apollo! I hope snuggling helped some. 🙂 The Flocks look great! And I love the leg shot. Greyhounds are so wonderfully leggy! Looks like you’re figuring out depth of field with your camera too!

  3. Thank you for alerting me to the Oreo cookie recipe. I’m going to make them very soon. The socks are gorgeous. And I agree, animals should have a part of every homemade “gift”. My cats and dog leave a hair or two on everything that leaves the house.

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