was a pleasant but cool autumn day.  We took the poopers out for a nice long walk in the late afternoon:

still a few leaves that havent fallen or been blown away
still a few leaves that haven't fallen or been blown away

It was warm enough the poopers didn’t need their coats.  Although Sabrina probably would have been warmer with her red fleece coat.

but she braved it out ...
but she braved it out ...

The forecast today was for much the same, but holy cow, it got soooo windy!  If we were taking photos today, they would have looked like this:


I’ve been working on Apollo’s sweater and it’s coming along.  It might even be finished for his Auntie Ande’s visit – which starts on Thursday!  SQUEEE!  We’re all so excited!

There are a few more things I want to do around the house in the next couple of days, plus we have our French class Wednesday night, so it’s going to be another busy week.  But come Thursday, it will be all relaxing and knitting and visiting and eating and dogwalking, etc.  Can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “yesterday”

  1. I love how Sabrina’s short attention span shows in the first pic. “Okay Dad, I’m looking at you…Hey! What’s that over there!?”
    Whereas Apollo is saying “Dad, I love you sooo much!”
    I haven’t been able to find any long johns. Will that be a problem?

  2. I laughed at the “windy” photo. Aren’t you clever with the photo editing! Having the riverbank so close must be nice; nothing like a walk by the water. (and you could drop in on Auntie Peggy, although I should probably introduce you first…)

  3. Apollo has turned out to be *so* handsome! At first I thought I like him because of his colour (sharing my life with a white and brindle hound as well), but the more photos I see the better I like him. My favourite colours are brindle and fawn, so it took me a while.

    When you first got him he looked a bit wary, but judging by the photos that’s mostly gone now. The way he stands and the look on his face – he looks so content and happy. Sabrina clearly has royal blood, and Apollo is following in her footsteps. We’re very happy the two of them get along, it feels like if they had always shared their humans 🙂

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