the weather man is a big, fat liar

It was supposed to be sunny and clear the entire time Ande was here.  Instead, we woke up to a very brisk wind this a.m.  We took the poopers out for a good walk and on the way back the sky was really dark and blustery off to the west.

we were having a good time, really!
we were having a good time, really!

As soon as we got back, the rain started and the wind was gusting to incredible levels.  We had a few things to do around town, so it wasn’t too bad.

We were lucky enough to get to view the PA Historical Society Museum – they had some really cool stuff in there.  We could have spent more than the two hours we did.  Although yesterday I couldn’t find Ande a bison in the park, I found her a jacket today:

she doesnt seem as impressed as Id thought!
she doesn't seem as impressed as I'd thought!

There were tons of historic stuff …

even in 1892 there were taxes
even in 1892 there were taxes

We also hit a western wear/clothing store that has inventory from at least the mid seventies, mixed in with new stock.  It’s claustraphobically wonderful.  Our mission was to get the big fella a winter hat for his business attire.  I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and we met with success.

it was windy ...
I did mention it was windy ...

I think he wears it with panache!

Last night we had a great steak supper, then knitting and movie watching until we were too tired to keep our eyes open.

ching ching!
ching ching!

Ande came off the plane bearing gifts.  When she unzipped her suitcase in the guest room, Sabrina had her head burrowed into the suitcase up to her shoulders to sniff out the good stuff.  There were homemade dog cookies, a fab birthday gift for me (which we still have to get a photo shoot of …) and Apollo’s baby:

the dingoes ate my baby
"the dingoes ate my baby"

Sabrina lost her mind over the squirrel; she ran amok through the house, it was upstairs, it was downstairs, but eventually made its way back to Apollo’s side.


So right now we have cabernet-braised short ribs in the oven, we’ll be serving gorgonzola polenta with it.  It needs to braise for another hour or so.  I wanted to get some better photos of Apollo and his new sweater, as well as the gorgeous silk blouse Ande made me, etc.  Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow at some point.  We’ll be hanging around the house all day, nothing big planned but some baking, cooking and of course, knitting!


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