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Whew – got things caught up around the house, did the finances, made some phone calls, etc.  It’s tough being a domestic engineer!  We were supposed to get our furnace and water heater replaced today, as well as air conditioning installed (a big job, but we wanted all the mess and hassle done at one time), but they called at 8 this a.m. and pushed it until tomorrow and Thursday because someone called in sick.  Yeah, nice one.

I thought I’d do a post with a few details about knitting and such things that were deferred until after our fabulous visitor left yesterday.  First up is some photos of the fantastic lime green silk butterfly blouse that was custom tailored and sewn for ME by Ande.  I love it!  Unfortunately, the big fella hasn’t figured out the focusing matrix on the D-SLR yet, so they’re all blurry.


I can wear this with jeans, with dress pants or even (if I ever bought one) a skirt!  It has the Stacy and Clinton approved wrap design, great for emphasizing the womanly figure and disguising the pooch that comes from not biking for two months and eating with abandon.  🙂

Next up, Apollo’s sweater.  Hmm, that mosaic thing didn’t quite work right.

Apollos sweater
Apollo's sweater

If you want to look at more/closer pics, you can go to that particular set on my Flickr page. Also deets are on my Ravelry project page.  I used Bernat Natural Blends “Wool Blend” yarn, colour “dark denim” and used almost three skeins.  I made the sweater in size XL to accommodate Apollo’s manly proportions.  The only change I made was to take those two center purl stitches at the center back and switch them to knit stitches for the duration of the rump shaping.  It fits him perfectly and he prances quite fancily while wearing it!

Now the Bounce hat:

stitch and shaping detail pics
stitch and shaping detail pics

I came across this pattern on the Rav, then went to the designer’s blog and found the pdf file.  I read a few messages on the Rav pattern forum and saw people were having problems with the pattern.  The cuff is knit in the round, then it switches to flat knitting for the rest of the hat.  Always looking to avoid a seam, I pondered doing it in the round, but wasn’t sure how to convert the brioche-like stitch pattern to circular knitting.  I decided to just go ahead and knit it as written.  Well, there’s a little typo in the set up round for the “body” of the hat.  Row 2 (after you start knitting flat) should read:

K1, *knit into the row below, k1, repeat to end.

The asterick was in the wrong place, thus making you do a three-stitch repeat, when it should only be two.  I messed with it a couple of times, ripped it back, then realized the error.  After I accounted for that, it was pretty fast and easy work.  It’s really a cute hat and I like the construction of it, aside from it being knit flat.  After the initial set up of the brioche-like stitch, you just repeat the same row over and over, so it’s pretty mindless.  I used some Fleece Artist Scotian Silk in “ebony” colourway.  I don’t know how much yardage as this was wound up in a few balls after I ripped an unsuccessful project a year or so ago.

I have started a second hat with a slightly chunkier yarn and will try it in the round.  I think, though, this yarn is too chunky or my needle is too small because the fabric is a lot denser than the first hat and I don’t think it will have the scrunchability/squooshiness of the first.  It’s too soon to tell, though.

Now the chicken and some recipe links:

ha!  I love all these photos!  Thanks, Ande!
ha! I love all these photos! Thanks, Ande!

Apparently the big fella was worried the chicken was going to run away while he carved it.  I was required to hold onto the roaster while he worked.  Ignore how that loose shirt and baggy ass jeans makes me look as big as a house.  Well, in retrospect, Ande DID feed us very well … I might have gained a few pounds!

The bottom two pics crack me up.  The one on the left is Sabrina thinking “very good, human servants, carve that chicken and feed it to me.  My master plan is all coming together now!” and the one on the right is her trying to greyhound mind-meld me into giving her chicken.  (Don’t worry, they both got a little chicken in their kibble the next night.)  That was an eight pound Hutterite-raised chicken and it was so plump and tender and tasty!

So to recap, on Friday we just had steak, asparagus and baked potatoes, no special recipes.  Saturday we made cabernet braised short ribs with the suggested gorgonzola polenta and the mixed herb gremolata, some left overs which we used the next night for the chicken.  The next night was the fabulous roast chicken with many herbs and seasoning (so delicious), garlic bread made from one of the two French loaves that Ande made, and that fabulously huge apple pie!  Ande came armed with her own recipes for those last two but I can attest that they were very, very good!  She also made pearl barley as the side dish (boiled in stock for more flavour) and herbed carrots.

Hmm, what else am I forgetting?  We both took tons of photos and I’ve uploaded many of them to my Flickr page, but I’ll highlight a couple here:

we always find funny hats to try on, this one was a monkey, I think
we always find funny hats to try on, this one was a monkey, I think
an experiment in perspective, a la Ande
an experiment in perspective, a la Ande
Miss Woebegone ... but youre not petting me
Miss Woebegone ... "but you're not petting me"

Well, I still have a few things to do today around the house.  The mail came and I received my order from the Needlearts Book Shop for Simply Shetland 4 which has the Autumn Rose sweater pattern in it, as well as Selbuvotter which looks like it has some awesome two-colour mitten patterns!


3 thoughts on “back to your regularily scheduled blog”

  1. It was a red bull hat! I saw the monkey ones when I got to Calgary.
    Love the chicken pics. I forgot I took those! Isn’t it fun to find pics on your camera you never took?
    Chicken recipe is over at Michael Chiarello’s Napa site (no link because I can’t remember the html code to do one!) It’s Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon Salt. And Yes, it’s freaking good!

  2. great photos, all of them. now i think ande needs to work on a matching green top for the hounds.

    we’re driving my in-laws nuts. going to paint the house purple with a green trim like your shirt. f-i-l doesn’t appreciate. pah. love citrus greens.

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