Gotcha! Day

Today is Apollo’s “gotcha” day.  A year ago we brought him home.  I wrote about it here. He has fit in so well in Sabrina’s world. (That reminds me of that old quote regarding Frank Sinatra, “it’s Frank’s world, we just live in it”. Substitute Sabrina for Frank, and I guess that would make Apollo Dean Martin …)

There’s a cute pic of the big fella and Apollo’s nose in that linked entry up there.  And here he is now:

Gravy train, seat for one?!
Gravy train, seat for one?!

He is doing so well.  His big “issue” when we got him was his feet and in particular his nails.  They’d been untended for a long time, so they were very, very long and the quick had subsequently grown quite long and close to the end of the nail.  He got upset when you handled his feet and very worried when you tried to clip them.  I worked on his nails every day, even if it was just touching the handle of the clippers to his toe, and slowly snipped away what I could.  They’re still longer than Sabrina’s, but much better than they were.  And he still has a certain “saturation” point after which I don’t handle his toes because he gets upset.  But that’s 200x better than it was.

We’re staying in today (except for a quick trip out earlier this a.m.) because the plumbing/heating guys are here replacing our furnace and water heater, and then installing central air.  They said it will be a two-day job, so we’ll just hang out and stay out of their way.  OH nooos, I’ll have to just sit in the living room for two days, knitting and surfing the net …

Edited to add: ha ha ha – in reading that linked blog entry, I discovered that Apollo’s Gotcha Day was actually yesterday.  🙂  I don’t think he noticed, though.


5 thoughts on “Gotcha! Day”

  1. OMG. I forget where you live but isn’t it COLD there? How will you do with no heat???? Apollo is such a great dog. We also have found that rescue dogs/cats just seem to “fit in”. I think they just know how to appreciate!

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