still knitting

Another disrupted week, but tomorrow’s Friday.   The plumbing/heating guys were here for two days and we have a shiny new furnace, water heater and central air conditioning.  The electrician has to come in early next week to finish the wiring for the a/c, but everything else is operational.

Tomorrow is Hallowe’en and apparently we’re required to hand out candy.  Ugh.  I’ll have to disconnect our stupid door bell.  Those little brats can knock on the door for their treats.

I’ve been working on the February Lady Sweater – it’s coming along.  I’ve got the gull lace pattern firmly in my mind, so it’s an easy knit.  I’ve been tempted by some cute hat patterns, mitten patterns, etc. but will finish the FLS first.

squirrels are for snuggling
squirrels are for snuggling

3 thoughts on “still knitting”

  1. That’s Apollo’s Baby!
    You must teach the Beanie Baby to share! He probably doesn’t want it back now that Sabrina has slobbered all over it! LOL
    So cute!

  2. I echo your sentiments about trick-or-treaters. When they are taller than I am (and I’m up one step) I lock the door, turn off the lights and retreat to the back of the house. It’s never been my favourite occasion.

    That being said, Andrew and three friends went out dressed as Tetris blocks last night and won a prize. Photo on my blog later today or tomorrow. I’m so proud.

    Squirrels are probably more snuggly than, for instance, porcupines.

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