that was fun!

Last night we attended the 40th annual North Saskatchewan Regiment’s Armstice Day Ball.  It was a great evening out.  The food was really good, there was a good crowd; the speeches got a little draggy (politicians!), but all in all it was a great evening out.

we clean up nicely!
we clean up nicely!

There was a fun group of peeps that the big fella works with, and after the meal and speeches we all sat together.  They had a dj and there was dancing.  They had a grand march at 11 p.m. which I thought was odd, as all the RCMP regimental balls we have attended, if they have a grand march, it takes place shortly after the meal, to kick off the dancing part of the evening.  So I was curious about why it was so late.  We did the grand march, then we observed a minute of silence in remembrance.  It was nicely done.

Of course the evening degenerated into this:

and I don't even drink

I was comfy in that dress.  It has an empire waist and a nice jersey-type fabric, very comfy.  I’m glad I chose it because the other dress that I had (and ultimately returned) was worn by another woman, and you know there’s nothing worse than having someone show up wearing your dress!  And those killer shoes were very comfy, even though they were 4″ platform heels!  We got home about 1 a.m. which is early; usually the regimental balls we wouldn’t get home until 4 or 5 a.m.!  (but we’re not as young as we once were …)

Today I’m doing laundry, etc.  Now that all you people outside of Saskatchewan have changed your clocks, I need to go through all our dvr timers to make sure there’s no conflicts and overlaps.  Although I suppose there’s nothing on this week on the U.S. networks with the election and all.

And I’m still working on the FLS body …


4 thoughts on “that was fun!”

  1. What a great hunk of a guy and a gorgeous dress. You are beautiful in it. It sounds like you really enjoyed your night out.

    The elections will be a mess. No regularly scheduled programs seem to be on this week. But then we have had one news network that has been almost entirely devoted to this election for the last year. Oh will we ever hear the end of this?

    We changed times in our area also and I do love the evenings getting dark early. It makes dinner time and snuggle in time coincide.

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