serendipity, and conversely, moping

moping, a la greyhound style
moping, a la greyhound style

The big fella has occasion to be away for a training course, so bring on the mope.  Apollo doesn’t much care, as long as someone is home and his food dish gets refilled.

zzzzz - is it supper time yet?
zzzzz - is it supper time yet?

Oh, that reminds me:  I asked this question on Ravelry’s greyhound forum.  Does anyone have experience with corns on their hound’s paw pads?  Sabrina has developed this little abrasion on her pad and she is very slow walking on the rough pavement on a parking lot we cross on our daily walks:

its very smooth and not hard, just like a scrape
it's very smooth and not hard, just like a scrape

Last night I mixed up some cookie dough.  I had been wanting to try this recipe for a while. That link takes you to the article with the yummy pic, and this takes you to the actual recipe.  It requires the dough to be chilled at least 24 hours.  Late this afternoon I baked it off.

hmm, looks good, but somethings missing ...
hmm, looks good, but something's missing ...

I liked the recipe, the resulting cookies are good (big!).  I didn’t have access to any of Jacques Torres’ disks or fèves, instead I chopped up three 100 g Lindt dark chocolate bars.  Yummy, but the problem with that was that minute little chocolate shavings got into the dough, so it’s not as esthetically pleasing as the ones in the NY Times photo.  Still tastes damn good, though.

ah, thats it!  A glass of icy cold milk to wash down the warm from the oven cookies.
ah, that's it! Serendipity! A glass of icy cold milk to wash down the warm-from-the-oven cookies.

Hmm, I’ve been doing house work, laundry, etc. and it seems very little knitting.  I keep working on the body of the FLS but it doesn’t seem to grow.  I probably could do another five repeats of the gull wing lace pattern and then maybe it will be close to the right length.  I’m going to settle in to knit right away here and hopefully good progress will be made.

get yer mope on!
get yer mope on!

4 thoughts on “serendipity, and conversely, moping”

  1. That Sabrina does love your big fella.

    I had a Golden that had a growth on his pad. It was an actual bump that became elongated and was painful. The vet said it was like a corn. I hope Sabrina doesn’t need surgery, because keeping the foot bandaged and dry was a real pain.

  2. I just made a copy of that recipe the other day, I need to get some chocolate before I can bake the cookies.
    Take a look at Smitten Kitchen
    she mentions that Ghiradelli sells some slightly larger chocolate chips. Do you have Bulk Barns out West? They have chocolate disks that people use in candy making, I was thinking they would work. However I do like your idea of free form chocolate chunks too!

  3. yummmy link, Paula! Thanks for that. I got the oreo recipe from Smitten Kitchen but forget to go check it out daily! (But I should!) I just realized we have a bulk food store in town that might have some sort of chocolate disks, so I’ll check that out next time I’m running errands. mmmmmm.

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